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Little Dipper Park Fix-It

8551 Little Dipper Avenue View map


In 1979, this park was purchased to add more parkland to the community. It is named for the street where it is located.


In 2008, neighbors and community members filled out a report card to grade the condition of the park.  The park received an "F". Participants were concerned about worn-out vandalized play equipment, trees in need of trimming and muddy trails.

Prompted by input from the 2008 Neighborhood Parks Report Card, 3 years of park improvements began with an Eagle Scout service project to install concrete pads for a bear-proof trash can and an entry sign. 

In 2010, the project was elevated to a Neighborhood Park Fix-it, receiving $45,700 in a legislative grant and featured a well-attended volunteer fix-it day.  A $73,000 grant was acquired by the Scenic Foothills Community Council to improve park safety.   

In 2011, neighbors and community members came together to fill out another report card to grade the condition of the park with the new improvements.  The park received a "B".  Based on this input we replaced damaged parts on play equipment, relocated a dangerous pathway, replaced sand fall-surfacing with engineered wood fiber, relocated maintenance access gate from front entrance to south entrance, installed a new entrance sign, kiosk and trash cans, and installed new picnic table.  In addition to APF and PRD efforts, Eagle Scout candidate Franklin Durr raised matching funds and recruited neighborhood volunteers to make the “Fix-Its” in Little Dipper Park in Summer 2011. Go Franklin! Total park improvements was valued at $52,755

In 2013, the total park improvements value is expected to be $60,000.

Contracted Work:

  • Install 4 20’ LED light poles/lights around perimeter of park.
  • Install 2 bench pads/benches (2014). 
  • Review concept boards and maps from the VIP meetings 

Volunteer Effort:

  • With the help of a challenge grant from the Anchorage Park Foundation, there will be an eagle scout service project to install a small boardwalk platform near the stream bank in 2014.                

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