Municipal Lakes

In Anchorage there are 2 Municipal beaches, Jewel and Goose Lakes, with supervised swim areas. 

Lakes are prone to swimmer's itch in the mid to late summer months. To find out what swimmer's itch is and how to prevent or minimize it, click on the brochure and read all about it. 

UPDATE: Anchorage lakes are closed to swimming until further notice. 

Goose Lake: (3220 E Northern Lights Blvd & UAA Drive)

Basketball courts, softball field (available for rental), playground equipment, covered picnic shelter, picnic tables, swimming area, beach, paved parking, bike trail access and non-motorized small craft area. NO SAIL CRAFT due to low power lines. Building restrooms closed this summer due to Earthquake damage. Portable toilets on site.

Jewel Lake: (W 88th Avenue & Gloralee off Jewel Lake)

Covered picnic shelter, softball field, volleyball sand lot, playground equipment, picnic tables, swimming area, beach, paved parking, restrooms, bike trail access and non-motorized small craft area. Fishing permitted 50' from swim area. ​

There are also two lakes in Eagle River that have no supervised swimming but provide lots of fun and activities. They are:

Mirror Lake: (Mile 24 on the New Glenn Highway)

Canoeing, fishing, day use picnic area/covered pavilion. Call Eagle River Parks and Recreation at 343-1500 for more information.

Beach Lake: (Beach Lake Road/Off South Birchwood Loop)

Fishing, canoeing, and hiking. Call Eagle River Parks and Recreation at 343-1500 for more information.

Motorized Vehicles on Water Bodies 

Anchorage Municipal Code sections 25.10.010, 25.70.045, and 25.70.060 define motor vehicles and describe where and under what conditions motor vehicles can be used on water bodies located within the Municipality.  If there are any discrepancies between the summary information below and Anchorage Municipal Code, the Code controls.

Motorized vehicles, including remote controlled, model or miniature boats, cars and airplanes are PROHIBITED on all municipal water bodies, with very few exceptions.  These exceptions are for a limited number of uses and are allowed on only a few water bodies, as follows:

 On the Following Water Bodies:

  1. Campbell Creek  
  2. Chester Creek
  3. Fish Creek
  4. Rabbit Creek
  5.  Ship Creek (excluding the public boat ramp area and downstream thereof) 
  6. Bentzen Lake 
  7. Birch Lake
  8. Connors Lake
  9. Delong Lake
  10. Edmonds Lake 
  11. Goose Lake 
  12. Hood Lake 
  13. Jewel Lake
  14. Lower Fire Lake 
  15. Mirror Lake 
  16. Otis Lake
  17. Sand Lake
  18. Spenard Lake
  19. Sundi Lake

These Uses are Allowed (Except as may be Prohibited by Federal or State law):

  1. Airplane operation, if designated for such use by the Director (or in case of an emergency).
  2. Participation in a motorized event or use which is the subject of a facility use permit issued pursuant to Chapter 25.10. 
  3. Boats using an electric motor. 
  4. Remote-controlled model boats, cars and similar models (subject to noise limitations in the health code, chapter 15.70).

In addition,  boats equipped with outboard motors of 50 horsepower or less, which must be operated at a no-wake speed when within 100 feet of a dock or shoreline on Sand Lake and Lower Fire Lake, during the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 8:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

On all other water bodies, the above uses are or may be PROHIBITED unless you have a special permit issued to you by the Parks and Recreation Department.  Refer to the code or contact the Department for details on restrictions and permitting.


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