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Jewel Lake Park Improvements

Park Overview

Jewel Lake is a 40.26 acre community-use park with a swimming beach, fishing dock, picnic shelter, playground, parking and picnic areas, and other recreational amenities, and is located north of Dimond Boulevard and several blocks west of Jewel Lake Road.  The most heavily used and developed area in the park includes a beach and picnic area and is located at the end of 88th Avenue.  The beach area is the heaviest used by the public with over 30,000 bathers each summer.  Amenities at this location include a large paved parking lot, picnic shelter, beach, playground, and lifeguard stations.

2017 Updates:

Playground Improvement Public Involvement

Please click on the above image to be re-directed to our public involvement page, including posts, comments, and updates about the ongoing project.

2015 Updates:

In 2015, a pingpong table and BBQ were added and flowering plants and shrubs were planted around the signs and pavilion. area. A drainage area was installed near the playground to help divert water away from the west side of the parking lot.

2011 Updates:

In 2011, a bioswale was installed on site. As of 2016, this area needs some attention and a redesign to effectively treat stormwater runoff.

2006 Updates:

In 2006, signage installation and dumpster relocation to the rear of the parking lot were two placemaking upgrades to the park. Additionally, the rebuilding and relocation of the worn lifeguard stand along with underground electric and phone for this station improved the view of the beach and the lake. The beach will be re-defined in this project to increase square footage while taking up less lake frontage. 

A portable toilet enclosure was created as part of this project to screen the toilets from view and were located outside of the entrance view-shed. A paved walkway was constructed to bring pedestrians into the park on an accessible surface; prior to this there was no paved pathway into the park at this entrance. Most notably, the picnic shelter expanded its paved plaza extent to beyond the roof-line of the shelter.  This allowed for use of the facility by more park visitors while keeping them out of the muddy over-used area currently existing adjacent to the shelter.


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Taylor Keegan, Park Planner

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