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Jewel Lake Doc Replacement    


Jewel Lake Dock is located within the Jewel Lake Park at 4401 W. Dimond Blvd., Anchorage. The park is a 40.26 acre community use park with a covered picnic shelter, softball field, volleyball sand lot, playground equipment, picnic tables, swimming area, beach, paved parking, restrooms, bike trail access and non-motorized small craft area. Fishing is permitted 50' from swim area.

A fishing dock is currently located on Jewel Lake, however this dock is considered unsafe and is in need of significant repairs, additionally it is currently not considered fully ADA accessible. The dock has suffered from heaving and ice damage and has actually “lifted” up and above the waterline. The intent of this project is to remove the existing dock structure and replace it with a custom designed, fully accessible dock. The approach asphalt path will also need to be slightly improved; Staff intends to repair the cracks in the asphalt along the accessible route approach path.


The Anchorage Park Foundation received a $60,000 AK State Legislative Grant in 2013 to install a fully-accessible dock on Jewel Lake.  This dock will feature an elevated bench and bars, allowing a resident in a wheelchair to slide him or herself from the dock into a watercraft.  This dock will allow people of all abilities to enjoy Jewel Lake more easily. The new dock will enable access to fishing from the dock. 

Public Process:

This project has been approved by the Sand Lake Community Council and the Park and Recreation Commission.

Dock Concept (PDF)


(Posted July 1 2014): This project is now complete. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the new dock!

(Posted 4/23/14) The old Jewel Lake Dock has been through demolition and the new support pilings for the new dock and ramp structure have been drilled and set in place. The next step is to frame and install the deck and ramp. We anticipating re-opening the dock shortly after the ice has melted. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Project Planner:

Maeve Nevins


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