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Greenbelt Trail Pedestrian Bridges

Several MOA Parks & Recreation Greenbelt Trail Bridges need repair ranging from simple railing replacement to extensive full structural reconstruction. We have hired engineering consultants to work with our Park Planners to evaluate the entire greenbelt system of bridges and from this evaluation we are making repairs based on a matrix of data. Listed below are our top priority bridge repair projects. These projects are funded by a 2012 MOA Bond of $450,000 for the repair of greenbelt bridges. For more information please click on the project title or contact our planning department.



Russian Jack Springs Bridge Project Summary:  This bridge project has been completed! The entire span was replaced and widened to accommodate snowcat grooming machines. This bridge was ranked as a high priority repair project due to its unsafe conditions. Construction will occur during the winter months for access over a Class A wetland.

The trail approaches will need to be repaired in the spring after the snow has melted. Crews will return to repair the trail, add new gravel as needed and create a smooth, safe trail to bridge transition.

Construction Contractor:

Derrick Jabaay, Treeline Construction


Phone: (907) 333-7135

Construction Updates:

(Posted Feb. 6, 2013 at 9:00 am): The contractor has completed the bridge repairs and we are currently working on regrading the nordic trail. Enjoy the new bridge!

Sitka Street Park Bridge Repair
Project Summary:

This bridge is starting significant repairs starting TODAY Jan. 6th, 2014. The entire multiple-arc span will be replaced and re-built as one gentle arcing span. The new structure will also be widened to accommodate maintenance vehicles. This bridge was ranked as a high priority repair project due to its non-ADA compliance and because it was unsafe for maintenance vehicles to cross. Construction will occur during the winter months for access over a Class A wetland.

Construction Updates:

The construction begins on Jan. 6, 2014 until Feb. 7, 2014, weather dependent.

Construction Updates:

(Posted Feb. 6, 2013 at 9:00 am): The contractor has started construction today. The access trail to and from the Sitka bridge will be closed. Please use an alternative route while we undergo construction of this bridge.

Campbell Creek Trail Bridge at Minnesota and Downing
Project Summary:

This structure is currently in engineering design development of construction documents. There is considerable scour damage on both sides of the structure and it will require significant repairs.

Construction Updates:

Construction will occur in summer of 2014.

Additional Russian Jack Springs Park Trail Bridges
Project Summary:

Several bridges along the trails around Russian Jack Springs park trails will be receiving maintenance repairs. The repairs will vary from railing replacement to decking upgrades.

Construction Updates:

Construction will occur in spring/summer of 2014.

Forsythe Park Bridge Repair
Project Summary:

This project was completed in early July of 2013. The MOA worked with a unique team of contractors to replace the entire wooden span with a new wider deck and railing. The construction was led by Jason Everard of JTA Construction who partnered with Interior Trails. Christine Byl and Gabe Travis from Interior Trails were able to bring their sustainable trail construction experience to the project as mentors for our Student Conservation Association (SCA) and Alumni Youth Employment in Parks (YEP) crew. Together this team was able to successfully remove the old bridge span and rebuild a beautiful, safe new one without using any heavy equipment. The approach trail was re-graded and potholes were removed. The SCA/YEP crew got to work side by side with current leaders in the trail construction design/build industry. We are very proud of this unique partnership and the success of this project.

Bittner House Bridge Removal
Project Summary:

This bridge was removed due to severe damage. The bridge had no longer served as an access trail connection and was literally eroding into the creek. Construction occurred in the early summer of 2013. JTA Construction was the contractor.

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Sitka Park Bridge Project Information (PDF)
Project Planner:

Maeve Nevins


Phone: (907) 343-4135  

Project Manager:

Tyson Johnson, The Boutet Company


Phone: (907) 270-6765

Structural Engineer:

Ken Andersen, P.E., Reid Middleton 


Phone: (907) 522-6776