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Parks and Recreation

$0Girdwood Parks & Amenities$0 $0Girdwood Park $0 $0Location:  Intersection of Alyeska Hwy and Egloff Drive. Download the Girdwood Park Map for location information. $0 $0 $0Tennis court $0 $0Skatepark $0 $0Tot Lot and children’s playground $0 $0Tent Campground $0 $0Operational Memorial Day through Labor Day $0 $018 sites for tent camping only  $0 $03 bear proof food lockers $0 $0On site host $0 $0$10 per night $0 $0 $0 $0Nissman Pavilion - available for use by campers $0 $0Disc Golf Course $0 $0Ball field $0 $0Marlow Pavilion/Stage - available for rent for special events and picnics $0 $0 $0Alyeska Playing Field$0 $0Location:  Aspen Mountain Road. This field is not regulation size, but is a great place for pick up soccer games.  $0 $0Lions Park$0 $0Location:  Egloff Drive, across from Girdwood Park.$0 Lions Park contains picnic tables and barbecue grill sites and is available for day use only.$0 $0Reservations:$0 To reserve a park, pavilion, or ballfield, or to host a special event, complete the Request for Park Permit form and return it to the Girdwood Parks & Recreation Office.   $0 $0If you are planning to serve or sell alcohol at your event, an Alcohol Waiver is required.  $0
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Director: John Rodda
    • 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 630, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-4355


$0 $0 Reservation Forms: $0 Request for Park Permit Form$0 Alcohol Waiver Form$0 $0Contact Us!$0 For additional information or to return completed forms, contact Margaret Tyler via email:$0 $0Girdwood Parks and Rec$0 PO Box 390$0 Girdwood, AK 99587$0 $0907-343-8373$0 907-249-7439 (fax)$0