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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are those Forget-Me-Nots in the hanging baskets?

A: No, those are Sapphire Trailing Lobelia, along with Zenith Golden Yellow Marigolds. These are the colors of the Alaska State Flag. The baskets shown are located in the heart of downtown Anchorage.

Q: Is that cabbage or kale?

A: The cabbage, pictured, has smooth leaf edges. Kale had ruffled leaf edges.

 Q: Where can we buy the same flower seeds that the Municipality uses?

A: From any of the major seed companies, or check your local stores.

Q: Why are the plants so big?

A: Long daylight hours and mild temperatures provide for optimum growth.

Q: Why are the colors so bright?

A: Cooler temperatures and the variety of plants produce the vibrant flower colors.

 Q: Do you keep your plants in the fall?

A: We winter over the dahlias and the fushias.

Q: How long is your season?

A: Our growing season starts the third week in May until the first frost in September.

Q: When do you start planting?

A: Planting begins May 17 and continues through June 9. See Planting Schedule for locations.

Q: Do you use volunteers to plant these beds?

A: Some of the flower beds, in designated areas, are planted by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering to plant and maintain a flower bed, contact the Assistant Volunteer Coordinator at 343-4587, or .

Q: When do you start your seeds?

A: Planting begins in December.

Q: Why do you continue to water when it is raining outside?

A: Often times it does not rain enough to get down to the roots of the trees/bushes/flowers that are maintained. The ground may appear to be quite wet, but when you dig down as little as 1", you will find the ground is still dry. Watering is especially critical for new landscaping areas

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