​Community Gardens

​​The Anchorage community gardens are open for gardening April through September and each plot is $30.

Garden amenities vary from site to site; however, most community gardens have access to water, are monitored by Parks and Recreation staff, and provide portable toilets, garbage cans, and parking. Other available amenities may include picnic tables, a perimeter fence, and a small area for children to play.

Garden Locations

C Street Community Gardens

C St & W. 19th Ave

Number of Plots: 67

Plot Size: Approx. 10' x 20'

McPhee Community Gardens

N. Pine St & McPhee St 

Number of Plots: 50

Plot Size: Approx. 10' x 20'

Fairview Lions Park Community Gardens

E. 8th Ave & Karluk Ave

Number of Plots: 28 - 4 raised beds with 4 plots each

Plot Size: 12 approx. 10' x 20', 4 approx. 10' x 15'

Gardens at Bragaw

367 Bragaw St

Number of Plots: 44

Plot Size: Varies


Renewal of garden plots begins in February for returning gardeners, and registration for new garden plots takes place in April. All gardeners may begin working in their garden plots in late April. Garden preparation should include weeding, preparation of the soil, planting, and cleaning of the garden pathways.  

2020 Renewals

Garden plot renewals can be done online or in person at the Lidia Selkregg Chalet. Renewal registration is open now until April 5th, 2020 at midnight.

Renew using this link.

All plots not renewed will revert back to the open registration inventory for new gardeners.

2020 New Gardener Registration

New registration will be in person at Lidia Selkregg Chalet starting April 11th, 2020 at noon. .

Registration Process

You will need an Active Net account to register.

For a step-by-step guide, please click and follow the instructions in this graphic.

If you need assistance, please call Lidia Selkregg Chalet at 343-6992 and ask to speak to Denali or Kelly.


Hours of Operation

Successful, productive gardens take time and effort. Each gardener is expected to perform three to five hours of work minimum each week to properly maintain and care for their garden. All work within community gardens should be performed within normal park operating hours of 6am to 11pm.  

Working in the Gardens

Parks and Recreation staff will turn on the water supply as weather conditions allow. Typically, water will be available to the gardens by May 15th. Water will be turned off in mid-September.

Gardeners must begin planting by the end of the first week in June to ensure proper use of the plot. Plots that are not planted by this time are assumed to be abandoned and will be forfeited without a refund.  

By mid-June, gardeners should have planted and worked half of the garden plot and continue to weed the area and maintain clear pathways.  

By the third week of June, the entire garden plot should be planted. Throughout the garden season, weeds should not be taller than six inches so Parks and Recreation staff can assess garden progress.  

Community gardens are a community space and should be welcoming, positive environments for gardeners and visitors alike. To ensure everyone’s safety and accessibility to the gardens, please keep debris, weeds, and large rocks out of the gardens.  

End of Season

Water will be shut off to the gardens in mid-September. Gardeners are responsible for leveling and cleaning their plots and removing dead plants, rocks, temporary supports and fencing, and other debris from their plots and the adjacent walkways.  

All clean up must be completed by the end of October. If a plot is not closed down for the season by this time, Parks and Recreation staff will notify the gardener that they have five days to complete their clean up. If clean up isn’t completed by the end of five days, the gardener will be unable to participate in the community gardens the following season.  


All gardeners are responsible for reviewing the community garden guidelines. View the guidelines here.

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More Information:

Community Garden Handbook (PDF) 

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