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Coastal Trail Bridge Replacement

As a result of the pedestrian bridge failure at Westchester Lagoon on June 16, 2014, Parks & Recreation contracted an engineer to complete a structural analyses of the pedestrian bridges along the entire Coastal Trail.  The Department received two final structural assessments:

1. North Lagoon Bridge Failure Assessment (4 MB)

2. Coastal Trail Bridge Assessment (remaining 4 bridges) (8 MB)  

3. Construction Documents (3 MB)

These reports provide a very detailed assessment of the cause of failure for the North Lagoon bridge as well as the current condition of the remaining four Coastal Trail bridges.

Project Status and Upcoming Replacement Schedule

As directed by the structural reports, all vehicles heavier than a snow machine or ATV are prohibited from crossing all bridges on the Coastal Trail.

In the fall of 2015, the North Lagoon Bridge was replaced. The contractor was Bristol Prime Contractors, LLC.

The Sisson Loop Bridge has been replaced and is now re-opened!

Posted Dec. 19, 2016 at 9:00am - The Fish Creek bridge is officially re-open today! This completes the winter construction of the trail bridges.

Both bridges have a concrete surface in place for the winter with a slight change in grade occurring at the trail transitions. Please use caution on the transitions.We will return this summer to repave the surface with asphalt. Thank you for your patience.


The Parks & Recreation Department used residual bond funds (funds are in-hand) from the Coastal Trail surface rehabilitation project to fund the 2015 North Lagoon Bridge project design, engineering and permitting.

Funds for the construction (replacement) of the North Lagoon bridge were from the 2015 Park Bond.

Residual funds (funds in-hand) from this project were used to fund the design, engineering and permitting of the Fish Creek and Sisson Loop replacements.

Funds for the construction (replacement) of the Fish Creek and Sisson Loop bridges were from the 2016 Park Bond.

Access During Construction

The Sisson Loop Bridge will require an un-paved trail detour in the area of the bridge. Caution is strongly advised.

The Fish Creek Bridge will require a large detour through the adjacent neighborhood. Maps and message signs will be posted. The route selected utilizes sidewalks and crosswalks. An on-street neighborhood bicycle route is also be noted on the map.

Please plan your commutes accordingly, as detours will increase travel times. 


Sisson Loop Detour Link

Fish Creek Detour Link

For comments or concerns about the detour routes, please email Maeve Nevins at, or call (907)-343-4135.

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