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Parks and Recreation

Project Schedule:

  1. Phase 1: Construction is now complete. Work in 2014 included the main trail corridor from mile post 0.0 at the Westchester Lagoon to mile post 1.0 at the Arctic Blvd. tunnel (east). Spur trails that were repaired included: the “social path” at the Westchester Lagoon, Virginia Ct. Spur, Arctic Blvd. Spur, N St. Spur, L St. Spur and Bunker St. Spur.

  2. Phase 2: Design Team is currently completing construction documents and permit process. Construction will begin in Spring of 2015 and go until mid-October 2015.

  3. Public meetings will be scheduled for winter of 2015 to gather feedback and keep everyone informed on the constriction schedule and detour plans. Stay tuned for more updates.

    • Parks and Recreation
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