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Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail Improvements


The Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail is a four-mile long paved, multi-use trail that parallels Chester Creek from Westchester Lagoon to Goose Lake.  The Chester Creek Trail is an oasis of green space in Anchorage.  In every season of the year, Anchorage residents use this major recreation and non-motorized transportation thoroughfare for biking, running, walking, skiing, and commuting.


In the 1950s, Anchorage’s visionary City Planner, Vic Fischer had the foresight to set aside the Chester Creek Greenbelt for recreation and creek preservation.  Slowly, greenbelt parcels were acquired and in 1973, under the leadership of Fischer and park and trail advocate, Elaine “Lanie” Fleischer, a successful bond measure passed allowing the establishment of the Chester Creek Bike Trail. Initial construction of the Chester Creek Trail stretched four miles from Westchester Lagoon to Goose Lake.  During the years that followed, the Municipality added neighborhood connectors, striping and signage.  In 1980, the Municipality acquired a Bike Trail Easement from Nichols Street to Bragaw Street, thereby extending the trail from Goose Lake all the way to Russian Jack Springs Park.   

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s the Chester Creek Trail saw improvements in lighting, tunnels and pavement.  In 1994, the Municipality officially renamed the Chester Creek Bike Trail as the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail in honor of the bike trail’s pioneer. 

After many years, the Chester Creek Trail will be getting an upgrade.  Anchorage Parks and Recreation received funding in 2012 and 2013 to begin resurfacing the Chester Creek Trail in summer 2014.

Project Background:

Funding for this project is provided in part by a 2012 Legislative Grant for $150,000.00 and from the 2013 Municipality Of Anchorage Bond for $1,600,000.00. These funds are being used to begin a multi-year, comprehensive trail repair program to address serious safety and security concerns on the Chester Creek Trail. The plan elements will include the rehabilitation/replacement of cracked and heaving asphalt, bridges, amenity upgrades and improved signage and wayfinding.

Project Schedule:

  1. Engineering Assessment of Existing Conditions – (complete)
  2. PUBLIC MEETING NO. 1: JAN. 7, 2014, 5-7PM AT SPENARD REC. CENTER. Click here to view the presentation given at this meeting. (complete)
  3. SURVEY RESULTS DUE: Jan. 20, 2014, online via this webpage link below. Survey results will be made available on-line after the Feb 4th Public Meeting.(complete - see below for link to Meeting 2 presentation including a brief survey summary)
  4. PUBLIC MEETING NO. 2, FEB. 4, 2014, 5-7PM AT SPENARD REC. CENTER. Team to present Final Project Plan and Construction Schedule for 2014. (complete-see link below for presentation)
  5. Design Team to complete construction documents and bid project for Phase 1: Summer 2014 construction(currently in-progress)

Survey link

This survey was an opportunity to provide feedback on the upcoming trail improvements. The Survey is now closed, however if you would like to share your feedback on the project please contact us directly.

For questions or comments please contact Project Park Planner: Maeve Nevins, E-Mail: A summary of the survey's highlights are included in the presentation link below from meeting number 2.

Project Plan:

The results are in from the on-line trail survey and we have collected the results from the workshop attendees. Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop or via the on-line survey. We have received over 503 survey responses and had approximately 75 attendees at our workshop!  Additionally, we sent out project information flyers to 1,000 neighbors who live along the main trail corridor.  

From the feedback that we received, we were able to develop this definition to guide our planning process:

Definition: “Critical Segments”: A “Critical Segment” is a portion of the trail that was determined to have the highest density of hazards and is considered the highest priority by the community. Below is an outline of our proposed scope of work, please refer to the map graphics in the side bar for more information (more detailed graphics of project scope to be uploaded soon, as well as the presentation from the Feb. 4th meeting):

View meeting # 2 presentation here.

Phase 1: 2014:

We have identified the highest used portion of the trail corridor and will begin construction in this region.

Phase 1 construction will include:

1.  Main Trail - Mile post 0.0 at Westchester Lagoon to mile post 1.0 at Arctic Blvd. Tunnel (east).  

2.  Spurs to be repaired in the base bid will include: i.    The “social path” at the Westchester Lagoon

ii.   Virginia Ct. Spur

iii.  Arctic Blvd Spur

3.  Spur improvements that we will bid as Additive Alternatives include:

i.    N St. Spur,

ii.   L St. Spur

iii.  Bunker St. Spur

4.  Construction Documents and Permitting of Phase 2, including entire length of main trail and all critical spurs.

5.  As funding allows, additional work in this region may be completed. Spur improvements will be based on priority of concern and budget. 

Phase 2: 2015:

We have identified the highest priorities of concern by segment, spur and hazard.   

1. Phase 2 construction at the minimum will include the “critical trail segments”.

2. As funding allows, the remaining portion of Phase 2 is proposed to be completed in 2015. 

Project Graphics:

Interactive graphics of the project area are available in the sidebar of this webpage by clicking on the map images to the right.

Stay tuned for more project information as we are continually updating this webpage.

Access during construction:

Construction detour routes and a project schedule will be posted here prior to construction starting in early summer 2014. This project will be accommodating of all major running events scheduled for the 2014 summer season.

Construction Updates:

Regular updates will be posted weekly for the 2014 summer construction season. Check back in spring for more info. 

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Click below for the West-end assessment:
Click below for  the East-end assessment:
Final Documents:
For the Full-Size Conceptual Plan Chester Creek (PDF), click here.
Click below for the Chester Creek Phase 1 Plan (JPG) - West
Click Below for the Chester Creek Phase 2 Plan (JPG) - East
Project Planner:

Maeve Nevins


Phone: (907) 343-4135

Project Engineer:

Jacques Boutet. P.E.


Phone: (907) 522-6776