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Project Plan:

The results are in from the on-line trail survey and we have collected the results from the workshop attendees. Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop or via the on-line survey. We have received over 503 survey responses and had approximately 75 attendees at our workshop!  Additionally, we sent out project information flyers to 1,000 neighbors who live along the main trail corridor.  

From the feedback that we received, we were able to develop this definition to guide our planning process:

Definition: “Critical Segments”: A “Critical Segment” is a portion of the trail that was determined to have the highest density of hazards and is considered the highest priority by the community. Below is an outline of our proposed scope of work, please refer to the map graphics in the side bar for more information:

View meeting # 2 presentation here.

The project will be completed in multiple phases over two years. Phase 1 was completed in summer of 2014. Phase 2 will be constructed in summer 2015.

Phase 2 Public meeting on Nov. 20, 2014 presented the proposed scope of work for 2015. View meeting presentation here.

Phase 1: 2014

Phase 2: 2015

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