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Latest Update:

Phase 4 construction will be starting Monday, September 9th and continue through the fall.

We anticipate this segment of rehabilitation being completed this year. The trail will be closed from the 72nd Ave. spur to the Fairbanks St. spur at 55th Ave. Detour signs​ will be posted along the suggested detour route. Please plan your trip accordingly, travel times may increase.

Campbell Creek Trail Improvements (Multi-Year Phased Construction)

The Campbell Creek Trail parallels Campbell Creek for 7.5 miles from Northwood Drive at West Dimond Boulevard northeast to Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue (MLK Jr. Ave).


The multi-use greenbelt trail provides a safe means of access for users to a large portion of the Anchorage bowl and Campbell Creek Watershed. The Campbell Creek Watershed is a natural asset which provides many recreational and fishing opportunities, natural flood control, salmon viewing, and quality habitat for fish and wildlife. Over the years the trail has been subject to significant wear.


2015: an engineering assessment was conducted for the entire 7.5 mile trail corridor, bridges and underpasses. The assessment was used to identify the highest priority areas and develop cost estimates for repair.

2016: due to severe winter erosion, two segments of heavily damaged trail were realigned/reconstructed and streambank restoration occurred. The segments were located near the Greenhill Way and Rovenna Street trail spurs.

2017-Spring 2018: Phase 1 & 2 trail rehabilitation starting at W. Dimond Blvd. and Northwood Trail Spur and ending at C St. underpass.

Summer 2018 Phase 3 began starting at 76th Avenue/Taku Park North Parking Lot and continued to Lynwood Park. *This phase will continue construction into spring of 2019.

Winter 2019: Phase 4 engineering design & fundraising, section will tentatively be starting at Lynwood Park and continuing to 67th Place spur (just north of Dowling Ave.).

Summer 2019: Continue Phase 3 construction and then begin rehabilitation on Phase 4 in late summer.

  • 2013 State of Alaska Legislative Grant - $160k

  • 2016 APR Bond - $637k

  • 2017 APR Bond - $710k

  • 2018 APR Bond - $750k

  • 2018 Residual Streambank Improvement Grant, State of AK - $200k

  • 2019 APR Bond - $750k

  • Total to Date (August 2018): $3,207,000.00


To date, the project team has successfully COMPLETED construction of Phase 1 and Phase 2, including the main trail corridor and associated trail spurs starting at W. Dimond BLVD. and continuing to the west side of the C St. underpass. 

Phase 3 is under way with construction to be completed in early July 2019. Phase 4 will begin in August 2019.

A Wayfinding signage plan has been developed and improvements started with the implementation of new mile markers and emergency locate signs along the entire trail corridor in fall of 2018. Other wayfinding improvements to continue as funding allows.

2019 Construction Schedule:

PHASE 3: AUGUST 20, 2018 to July 2019 IMPROVEMENTS

Phase 3 construction includes: Campbell Creek Trail between 76th Avenue at the Taku Park north parking lot to Lynwood Park.

See access side bar link for digital detour maps.

PHASE 4: Late August to Nov. 2019

Phase 4 construction includes: Campbell Creek Trail between 64th Avenue at the to 56th Avenue, with potential to Fairbanks Spur as funding allows.

Phase 1 - 2017: (Click HERE for MAP)

Approximately 1 mile of trail rehabilitation from West Dimond Blvd. to Minnesota Dr.; including all associated neighborhood trail spurs.

Schedule: COMPLETED in summer 2017!

Phase 2 - 2018: (Click HERE for MAP)

The scope  included approximately 1.5 miles of trail rehabilitation from Minnesota Dr. to west of C St..; this phase was a continuation of phase 1 rehabilitation.

Schedule: COMPLETED in summer 2018!

Phase 3 - 2018-19: (Click HERE for MAP)

The scope  includes approximately 1.5 miles of trail rehabilitation from 76th Avenue at the Taku Park north parking lot to Lynwood Park.

Schedule: began in 2018 and will continue until July 2019.

Phase 4 - 2019: Click here for detour map

The trail will be closed from the 72nd Ave. spur to the Fairbanks St. spur at 55th Ave.​

For questions contact:

Maeve Nevins-Lavtar, Project Manager/Senior Park Planner, (907)-343-4135 or


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