Adopt-A-Trail is a program in which volunteers provide care and maintenance within our 250 miles of trails. Adopt-A-Trail is a team effort between volunteers and Anchorage Parks and Recreation to enhance the quality of our extensive trail system.

Why should I volunteer?

Studies show that communities and individuals benefit from volunteerism. By investing a little bit of time caring for our trails, you create safer, more enjoyable conditions for all users and actually help prevent vandalism and crime. In addition, Parks and Recreation posts a sign recognizing the work you or your organization is doing on the section of trail you care for.

Who can adopt a trail?

Volunteers are groups, organizations, and individuals of all ages who share a common interest in keeping our parks and trails clean and wish to have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. For best results, we recommend adopting a section of trail near where you live or work or a section that you are on frequently.

What are my responsibilities?

We ask that our Adopt-A-Trail volunteers commit to picking up litter and debris at least once a month and calling to inform the Municipality regarding problems that need attention, such as graffiti, homeless camps, trash pick ups, and illegal activities. We provide a phone contact list to our volunteers that directs you to the appropriate resources for each issue.

You can view and download the complete version of the Adopt-A-Trail Leader Agreement Form here.

How can I get involved?

Do you have a trail in your community that you're interested in adopting? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Fehribach at or 343-4587 for more information about how to get involved.