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As this year comes to an end, our appreciation goes to all airport stakeholders for your patience and cooperation during the busy 2015 construction season.  Airport improvements started/accomplished in 2015 are as follows:

Rehabilitate Taxiway Quebec, Phase 4: This most recent phase of a multi-phased dynamic compaction rehab process completed another section along Taxiway Quebec toward the Medevac Apron.

Security Improvements, Phase 3: This project is a continuation of on-going, multi-phased security improvements at MRI. The Phase 3 contract has been awarded to Alcan Electric and Engineering.  This improvement project includes installation and/or update of security cameras at the vehicle gates; upgrades to the vehicle gate AOA ingress/egress access system; apron light upgrades to LED; modification of the existing palisade fence along 5th Avenue to match the outward arc fence style in front of the FAA ATCT; and modification of TWY Kilo intersection on the north side of RWY 25.  Due to the onset of winter, work on this project was suspended and will resume next spring.

Airport Master Plan Update, Phase 2:  The financial section of the AMP is underway. The current twenty-year scope Airport Master Plan draft alternatives section lists, among other things, near-by relocation (not elimination) of the ‘Sitka Street Park’ (on MRI property) south of 15th Avenue as a long term option to convert this currently publicly used recreation area parcel into commercial/office complex facilities. A green space corridor in concert with the approach path for the north/south runway will be retained including the ‘public use area’ aspect that exists now. Timing for any such development is indeterminate, but under no circumstances would removal of the existing ‘sledding hill recreation area’ precede replacement construction.  For current information, visit the MRI Master Plan website at

Acquisition of Former City Electric Property: Options for use of this site at 819 Orca Street (east side of Orca Street between 8th and 9th Avenue/abutting TWY B) are being evaluated.  Please contact the Airport Manager’s Office for details if interested.

Multiple Leasehold Construction Projects:  Several lessees have hangar construction planned or already partially built including Chaz Limited (paint hangar), North Edge, AK Aircraft Engines, Kontor Development, Jay Hawk Air and D & D Airpark (formerly Aero Tech).

2016 Capital Projects Planned

Security Improvements (Cameras/Lights/Signage/Fencing), Phase 4:   A fiber optic line will be installed on the west side of the airport along Orca Street to provide reliable service to MRI security camera and vehicle gate access systems. This project will also include camera installation at the Orca Street vehicle gates to monitor pedestrian and vehicle access.

Rehabilitate TWY Quebec, Phase 5:  Continuation of the multi-phased dynamic compaction project on Taxiway Quebec. Construction is anticipated in summer 2016.

Lighting Gravel/Ski Runway 5/23:  Anticipated in summer 2016.

Partial TWY Bravo Extension (north side of TWY Q only):  Construction of TWY Bravo between Quebec and Mike intersections is planned, likely in the June timeframe.

Your cooperation and understanding during these construction projects is appreciated as we strive to provide a safer airport.  We look forward to working with you on capital projects in 2016.



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Web Cameras

Several Merrill Field Security Cameras are currently experiencing an image problem. We are working with our consultant to fix this issue. Please pardon us for this inconvenience.

If you have any questions regarding the camera status, please call Alex Jumao-as, Assistant Airport Manager, at 343-6311 or send an e-mail message to Alex at

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