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Vandals Cut Aircraft Tires on MRI

During early morning checks on Thursday, June 2, Airport Maintenance personnel noticed slack tiedown ropes on several aircraft and discovered that deflated tires were the reason.  Further investigation revealed all tires on 87 aircraft parked in the Whiskey and Charlie South tiedown aprons had been punctured.  Some vehicle tires were punctured as well.

Airport management reported this to APD, contacted all affected tiedown customers and started reviewing recorded video footage.  In addition to the original video recordings that were submit-ted to APD, additional video recordings are also being reviewed.  Additional APD patrols have been requested, contract security and additional cameras, fencing, security updates are all being pursued and ingress/egress modifications on all vehicle gates is underway, with positive controls required for both entry and exit.

Many have asked about FBI involvement; here is information regarding federal investigations.

The FBI has primary investigative jurisdiction for all federal criminal laws (except cases specifically assigned to another federal agency). The type of event is the trigger for an investigation, not the dollar amount. FBI responsibility/jurisdiction includes: Terrorism, Counterintelligence, Cyber Crime, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Public Corruption, Civil Rights, Organized Crime, White-Collar Crime, Violent Crime and Major Thefts.

 FBI investigations of aviation are limited to threats against commercial aircraft and foreign aircraft on US soil.

The NTSB investigates accidents/incidents involving both military and civil aircraft.

Local authorities investigate vandalism.

Several vendors and pilots have been very helpful by offering used tires, discounts on new tires and general support to those victims of this unprecedented act of vandalism.  To communicate with your fellow pilots re same, you may wish to join Facebook group Alaska Aviator’s Resource.  A GoFundMe page has also been established for those who want to donate money to assist those pilots in need.  We applaud the quick response and compassion the general aviation community has demonstrated during this frustrating time for many.  APD case number, 16-22850, should be referenced when victims file their individual vandalism reports.

Anchorage Crime Stoppers: 571-7867Alaskan Bushwheels, 20% discount: 907-331-4489

Delcourt Aviation, Fairbanks, used but still airworthy, free tires w/free shipping to Anchorage: 907-687-8276

AVEMCO Insurance Company has waived the deductible for claims filed as a result of this incident



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