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The Merrill Field Airport staff extends to you our Warmest Wishes. May you have a Blessed Christmas Season and may the New Year be filled with Spectacular Successes.

A Message from MRI ATCT

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for helping to make 2016 such a great year! It has been wonderful working with you all and we hope to strengthen relationships even further in 2017!

Here are some reminders from the tower team:

 Please remember to read back all hold short instructions (where you are and what you are holding short of. There are 3 runways, so being specific is important). This will expedite procedures for everyone.

Please advise ground control prior to taxi on non-movement areas. This helps tremendously due to heavy vehicular traffic and Medevac ops).

The Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) initiative aims to reduce the risk of runway overruns by providing airport operators with a method to accurately and consistently determine the runway condition when a paved runway is not dry. This information will enable airplane operators, pilots, and flight planners to determine the distance required to stop on a wet or contaminated paved runway in a more accurate way. Beginning October 1, 2016, 0900 UTC, federally obligated airports will use TALPA procedures to conduct runway assessments and to report those conditions in newly formatted Field Condition (FICON) Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs). This will allow pilots and flight planners to use the information, along with manufacturer's aircraft-specific data, to determine the runway length needed to safely stop an aircraft after a rejected takeoff or a landing.

We have a new controller, but she is not new to the area, and she brings a wealth of knowledge with her. Please welcome her and have patience while she trains.

Clarissa Conley, ATCT Manager

NEW Vehicle Gate Access/Egress Procedures

In order to curtail unauthorized entry of pedestrians and vehicles into the movement area, our Security Improvements Phase 3 contractor Alcan Electrical has been working on upgrading all Merrill Field vehicle gates to ensure that the gates operate properly in conjunction with the newly installed fiber-optic cable and the upgraded gate access components.

Part of the upgrade work includes removal of all motion sensors and red emergency buttons that activate the gates to open when exiting your lot/movement area.  All gates will now have a new keypad and upgraded proximity card reader on the inside and outside of the gate.  This will allow authorized access to the lot by “smart card” or by entering the designated gate key pad code; likewise, a “smart card” or key pad code is now required to exit the lot.  The same code will work on the inside and outside key pad.

This means that airport users will only be allowed to exit through the gate that they entered or through a gate that is authorized on their “smart card”.  Users should not try to access other vehicle gates as it will not open without the appropriate access code.    Each leaseholder is responsible for tenant, customer and/or visitor access onto their lot through the vehicle and pedestrian gates; therefore, they need to ensure the key pad code for their gate is disseminated as necessary.  If you are not sure of your code, please call the Airport Manager’s Office, 343-6303.  The code will only be given to the leaseholder or authorized personnel; for your security we will not give your key pad code to your tenants or customers.

Our goal is to reduce the number of runway and taxiway incursions by discouraging vehicle movement from one lot to another to exit the airport.  We are aware this is a new procedure, and appreciate your understanding and assistance in providing this information and, if necessary, your keypad code to your tenants, customers and visitors.

Again, the goal of this vehicle gates upgrade is not to inconvenience the airport users but to curtail unauthorized entry into the movement area such as the vehicle/pedestrian deviation.

If you have any questions regarding this new procedure, please call Airport Manager Paul Bowers, 343-6301 or Assistant Airport Manager Alex Jumao-as, 343-6311.  Thank you.


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Web Cameras

Several Merrill Field Security Cameras are currently experiencing an image problem. We are working with our consultant to fix this issue. Please pardon us for this inconvenience.

If you have any questions regarding the camera status, please call Alex Jumao-as, Assistant Airport Manager, at 343-6311 or send an e-mail message to Alex at

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