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Merrill Field


Anchorage and Alaska Aviation History and Lore

To all aviation history buffs -- as you study the history of aviation (particularly general aviation) in Alaska, you will be struck sooner or later by a blinding flash of the obvious.  Down in "America" (the "lower 48"), social and material infrastructure was well in place when Orville and Wilbur kicked the tire and lit the fire.  Therefore, aviation was, by necessity, integrated into an infrastructure that accomodated horses, trains and motorcars.  At that time, however, Alaska enjoyed no "lines of communication," particularly in winter.  The first airplanes and their pilot-heroes that ventured here changed that.  General aviation was the core about which the Territory, then the State, grew.  Few people and little commerce moved without it.  That's why airports are respected and loved here, and that's why some young Alaskans learn to fly before learning to drive.

(Col. Byington)

How it All Began . . .

    • Merrill Field
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