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Synergy: The ability of organizations and groups to be more successful and productive.

About Synergy

The Municipality of Anchorage is implementing SAP, a modern integrated ERP system to replace PeopleSoft. It will transform business processes, capture cost efficiencies, and improve data accuracy.

The Synergy Project is sponsored by the Finance and Employee Relations departments. The new SAP ERP will be used by all General Government departments, and the AWWU and MLP utilities. The project team consists of several team members from various General Government departments and the utilities. The MoA’s implementation contractor is The Peloton Group. 

The Scope of the project includes Finance, Employee Relations, Payroll, Budget, Procurement, Grants, FERC, Treasury, and Project Management.

SAP Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a critical part of the Municipality of Anchorage’s SAP project. The project team will continuously evaluate at regular intervals whether the targeted business objectives will be achieved within the planned timeline and budget.

The Municipality of Anchorage has brought on two agencies, SAP and Z Co, to assist in conducting external assessments for the project. This page communicates the documentation in support of this effort, assessments and plans in response to the assessments.

SAP QA Review

Z Co Synergy Audit
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