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E-Government and Applications

The E-Government and Applications Division is responsible for the management, development and oversight of the software applications that facilitate running the business of the city—from  the large Enterprise Resource Planning solution to the custom web application for purchasing bus passes.  

Application Services Section

The Application Services Section is responsible for the development, implementation, and support of new and existing client-server based applications. The section directly supports over a hundred different applications and provides analysis services to other departments in the Municipality when they wish to weigh options for improved data processing, preparing technology RFP’s, or developing enhancements to existing systems.

Over the past three years this group has implemented some major new applications, including the code enforcement system, a collection system for delinquent fines and fees, a new Assembly Meeting package that allows the public to be better informed about the Assembly process, as well as a variety of smaller applications such as Crime Mapper, which provides citizens online access to a graphical display of recent criminal activity.  While being primarily a support agency for other Departments, Application services has a direct impact on how information is presented to the public, and will have a much greater role in that as the new eGovernment platform comes on line in 2009.

The ERP Services Section

The ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Section is responsible for the support of the Municipality’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Finance and HR/Payroll system.  Additionally, the section manages Property Appraisal (CAMA), Tax (real property, personal property, and business property), and the Assembly Agenda and workflow system. 

The primary task of the group is production support of these systems. This includes correcting system problems as they arise, providing initial analysis of user enhancement requests, training users on the systems as requested.  Additionally, as new projects arise that require data into or out of these systems, ERP Services analysts assist to ensure the accuracy of the data.  The group supports a large web reporting application that supplies financial information to users throughout the municipality.


    • E-Government and Applications
    • Manager: Teresa Helleck
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