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Data Services Division

The Data, Projects & Procurement Division provides data management and dissemination services for the Municipality.  This includes the delivery of GIS mapping and analysis services. The division is also responsible for overall project management oversight on all IT related projects as well as providing procurement oversight and guidance on all IT related purchases in the Municipality.

Database Administration Section

The Database Administration (DBA) section provides services in the areas of data administration, security and availability of Municipal enterprise data assets. This section provides the technical support for the three major database platforms in use at the MOA, which are IBM DB2 for z/OS, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle/SDE.

The section’s core responsibilities are to manage, protect and ensure high availability of data for all systems with minimal interruptions of service and downtime.  The high-level of technical expertise and wide array of knowledge in the group allows the DBA section to provide resource backup to other IT areas within the department (Application support, GIS and PeopleSoft) or where additional resources are needed to complete projects.

Records Management

The Records Management Section is responsible for the orderly and efficient management, retention, preservation and disposal of the Municipality of Anchorage’s records. (AMC 3.95.020)  Records are defined as any information developed or received in connection with the transaction of municipal business, regardless of format.

Records management staff coordinates closely with all departments to enhance records awareness and to develop and maintain current records retention schedules which guide the lifecycle of all municipal records. Records Management ensures that records storage, retrieval and disposal is done in a timely, legally acceptable and cost effective manner.

  • Records Supervisor, Toby Allen 343-4852
    • Data Services Division
    • Manager: Teresa Helleck
    • 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 400, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-6887