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Administrative Support

The Administrative Support area provides assistance to all IT employees through performing day-to-day administrative functions i.e., maintain personnel files, process request for hire paperwork, set up interviews, payroll, schedule meetings and coordinate training and make travel arrangements.

Financial Services

Financial Services is responsible for overseeing an $18 million annual operating budget and a $5 million annual capital projects budget. They assist in securing a funding source for the IT Department’s capital projects and ensure the financing and project set up is in place so the project proceeds on schedule.  Financial services provide the necessary check and balances to ensure all projects are being coded and funded appropriately; and coordinate with the Central Accounting office on a regular basis to ensure all financial activity is being handled appropriately.  

Procurement Section

The Procurement Section is responsible for all IT technology procurement activities and provides coordination and oversight of technology purchases for the MOA as a whole.  The section is also responsible for working with other divisions and departments to define standards and processes for cost effective and efficient methods of procuring technology.  The section coordinates and reviews request for proposals (RFP) contracts and ensures RFP requests adhere to enterprise standards and are in the best interests of the MOA. The section also coordinates all contract management activities for the IT Department.

  • Procurement Specialist, Linda Dotzler 343-6914

Project Management Section

The Project Management/Customer Relationship Management (PM/CRM) Section is responsible for implementing large-scale information technology projects in a timely and cost-effective manner as well as managing customer relationships and keeping IT aligned with customer needs and initiatives. 

Over the last three years this section has successfully managed over 30 projects with combined project budgets of over $4 million dollars for departments across the city.  These projects have resulted in numerous cost savings, automation and improvements to Municipal services.  The Delinquent Criminal Fines system implemented for the Treasury Department alone has helped to recoup over $7 million dollars of “lost” revenue for the city.  The Weatherization Program system and process improvements implemented by IT have enabled their inspectors to increase the number of home energy inspections by 600% over the past 6 months. 


Reprographics Section provides graphic design services for brochures, business cards newsletters, covers and forms.  In addition, high-volume and high-quality professional printing services are also offered both in color and black and white images by the Reprographics Section’s Print Shop.   Typical printing services projects include:  public hearing notices for meetings, planning packets, Zoning and Assembly packets, Voting materials, various boards and commission packets, labor contracts, Municipal budget, public health notices and park and facilities use permits to name a few.   The Reprographics Section also provides postage meter and mail courier services, delivering and collecting mail twice a day for all municipal departments.  Management Support Services

  • Reprographics Supervisor, Ruth Kvernplassen 343-4352
    • Administration
    • Director: Zal Parakh
    • 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 430, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-6887