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Internal Audit

2012 Sunset Audit Reports

2012-S1 (236 kb); Anchorage Community Diversity Advisory Commission; Employee Relations Department; 8/15/12

2012-S2 (285 kb); Americans With Disabilities Act Advisory Commission; Department of Health and Human Services; 8/15/12

2012-S3 (238 kb); Municipal Health and Human Services Commission; Department of Health and Human Services; 8/15/12

2012-S4 (249 kb); Senior Citizens Advisory Commission; Department of Health and Human Services; 8/15/12

2012-S5 (234 kb); Youth Advisory Commission; Parks and Recreation Department; 8/15/12

2012-S6 (231 kb); Heritage Land Bank Advisory Commission; Heritage Land Bank; 8/15/12

2012-S7 (228 kb); Municipal Airports Aviation Advisory Commission; Merrill Field Airport; 8/15/12

2012-S8 (242 kb); Port Commission; Port of Anchorage; 8/15/12

2012-S9 (237 kb); Library Advisory Board; Anchorage Public Library; 8/15/12

2012-S10 (221 kb); Public Transit Advisory Board; Public Transporation Department; 8/15/12

2012-S11 (291 kb); Board of Building Regulation Examiners and Appeals; Community Development Department; 8/15/12

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