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Internal Audit

2007 Internal Audit Reports

2007-01.pdf (53kb) 2006 Payroll; Finance Department; 01/04/07

2007-02.pdf (30kb)  2006 Parts, Tires and Lubricants Inventory; Fleet Maint.; Facility & Fleet Maint.; Maint. & Operations; 02/01/07

2007-03.pdf (50kb) 2006 Procurement Card Program;Purchasing Department; 03/01/07

2007-04.pdf (62kb) Employee Incentive Program; Employee Relations; 03/15/07

2007-05.pdf (33kb) Ground Lease Agreement with Seibu Alaska, Inc.; Heritage Land Bank; 05/02/07

2007-06.pdf (33kb) 2006 Parts, Fuel and Lubricants Inventory; Public Transportation Department; 05/08/07

2007-07.pdf (215kb) Front Counter Cash Controls; Anchorage Police Department; 06/07/07

2007-08.pdf (71kb) Business Personal Property Tax; Property Appraisal Division; Finance Department; 06/12/07

2007-09.pdf (92kb)  Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau; Economic and Community Development; 08/14/07

2007-10.pdf (72kb) Contract Compliance; NovaPro Risk Solutions, LP; Risk Management Department; 09/13/07

2007-11.pdf (76kb) Fixed Asset Accountability; Anchorage Fire Department; 11/01/07

2007-12.pdf (47kb) Cash Controls; Health and Human Services; 11/29/07

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