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Internal Audit


2005 Internal Audit Reports

2005-01.pdf (31kb): 2004 Parts, Tires and Lubricants Inv.; Fleet Services Sec.; Facility & Fleet Maint.; Maint. & Operations; 02/09/05

2005-02.pdf (53kb): 2004 Parts, Fuel and Chemicals Inventory; Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility; 03/22/05

2005-03.pdf (67kb) 2004 Municipal Payroll Review; Finance Department; 03/22/05

2005-04.pdf (59kb) Annual Municipal Procurement Card Review; Purchasing Department; 03/22/05

2005-05.pdf (44kb) 2004 Parts Inventory; Municipal Light and Power; 04/04/05

2005-06.pdf (65kb) Cash Controls of Parking Garage Revenue; Anchorage Community Development Authority; 04/11/05

2005-07.pdf (34kb) 2004 Parts, Fuel and Lubricants Inventory; Public Transportation Department; 04/12/05

2005-08.pdf (51kb) Police and Fire Retiree Medical Trust Five-Year Review; Employee Relations; 05/19/05

2005-09.pdf (104kb) Traffic Citation Revenue; Anchorage Police Department; 08/25/05

2005-10.pdf (602kb) Safety Procedures and Records;Port of Anchorage; 09/15/05

2005-11.pdf (484kb) Municipal Leases;Heritage Land Bank; 09/22/05

2005-12.pdf (92kb) Fuel Controls;Municipal Light and Power; 10/12/05

2005-13.pdf (1,128kb) Billing Process;Anchorage Fire Department; 11/23/05

2005-14.pdf (46kb) Planning Fee Revenue;Planning Department; 12/27/05


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