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 Past Projects 


HOME, HUD's HOME Investment Partnerships Program , provides grant and loan funding for affordable housing. CSD is responsible for allocating HOME funds to various projects in the Municipality of Anchorage.


RurAL CAP Housing First

In partnership with Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.

AHI Demonstration Project

Anchorage Housing Initiatives (AHI) continued with the CHDO demonstration project which produces accessible housing for purchase by low- and moderate-income households with at least one member who has a disability.


Shiloh Estates


Mountain View Village

In partnership with Cook Inlet Housing

Mountain View Village is a unique scattered-site rental community targeted at families with incomes of 60% or less of area median income. All of the rentals are available to the general public without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, familial status, or handicap, and with the philosophy of promoting “independence through housing.”

Past Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)Projects

CSD works to revitalize neighborhoods, expand affordable housing and economic opportunities, and improve community facilities and services, principally to benefit low and moderate income persons through the use of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from the United States Department of Housing and Development (HUD) . By following the specifications given by CDBG, CSD, with the help of the people and communities of our municipality, has undertaken numerous successful projects, benefitting the Muicipality of Anchorage and its people.


Mountain View Library

CDBG provided partial funding for the redevelopment and conversion of the Municipal Parks and Recreation office building at 120 S. Bragaw St into a community branch library. The CDBG national objective is benefiting low- to moderate-income persons. The Mountain View Library will help promote livable communities and neighborhood redevelopment, improving the overall living environment of the Mountain View neighborhood and benefiting all residents of Anchorage.


McKinnell Family Shelter

Partial funding for the Salvation Army Alaska’s McKinnell Family Shelter came from CDBG managed by the Department of Neighborhoods. Funding went towards the construction of a 16-unit family shelter, located between 1701 A Street and 1695 C Street. This project benefits low- to moderate-income groups by linking housing with supportive services for the homeless or special needs households with lower incomes. The McKinnell Family Shelter provides affordable housing, and strengthens the safety net of housing and services for persons with special needs in the Municipality of Anchorage.


Mobile Trailer Arts Center

The Mobile Trailer Arts Center was purchased using CDBG managed by the Department of Neighborhoods. The Mobile Trailer Arts Center houses a multi-disciplinary arts production center, as well as supports businesses and other activities. The Mobile Trailer Arts Center promotes livable communities and neighborhood redevelopment by providing support to low and moderate income families and children.


Parks Rejuvenation

CDBG partially funded a major parks rejuvenation for the city of Anchorage. Funds went to help improve:

  • Fairview Park in Fairview (1200 block of LaTouche)
  • Richardson Vista in Government Hill (E. Bluff Rd.and Ivy St.)
  • Cuddy Midtown Park in Midtown (40th Ave. and B St.)
  • Charles Smith Memorial Park in North Star/Fairview (1900-2000 between A & C)
  • Nunaka Valley Park in the Northeast (Debarr, Beaver, and Craig Dr.)
  • San Roberto/San Antonio Park in Russian Jack (corner San Roberto Ave and San Antonio St.)
  • Conifer Park in Russian Jack (200 block of Lane St.)

Map of the Parks Rejuvenation Project

In compliance with national CDBG objectives these parks are located in low- to moderate-income areas. The Cuddy Midtown Park Rejuvenation also removed mobility and/or accessibility architectural barriers.


Alaska Museum of Natural History

Funded through CDBG, the Alaska Museum of Natural History acquired a 12,000 square foot, two-story warehouse and a dilapidated shop on three lots located at the “four corners” of Bragaw and Mountain View Drive. The purchase of these buildings, with the subsequent demolition and remodeling, helped eliminate unsafe structures, enhanced the remaining warehouse, and provided adequate parking and landscaping per Municipal standards. The structure is in a key location, is important for the revitalization of the Mountain View Neighborhood, and provides employment opportunities to neighborhood residents. The Alaska Natural History Museum Project promoted neighborhood redevelopment in Mountain View, creating a more livable community for the Municipality of Anchorage.

Special Olympics

Funded in part with CDBG money, the Special Olympics Alaska, Inc. rehabilitated a 6,300 square foot building to house their operations. The building supplies sufficient space for a training center and equipment storage, a small amount of office area for staff, and a multi-purpose room for volunteer meetings, classroom training, and other uses. Improvements to the interior and exterior of the building were made possible through the grant as well, including increasing the building’s accessibility. Over half of the clientele at the Special Olympics Alaska, Inc. is low- to moderate-income, complying with national CDBG objectives.

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