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Continuum of Care

FY2012 Continuum of Care (CoC)

May 2012

-CoC National Objectives and Rating May 23, 2012

August 2012

-FY2012 CoC Competition Registration Notice Aug 30, 2012

September 2012

-CoC Community Meeting Sept. 12, 2012
-Agenda FY2012 Power Point Presentation - Sept. 12, 2012
-FY2012 CoC Overview and Checklist for Grant Application
  Sept. 12, 2012
-CoC letter to the Anchorage Coalition to  End Homelessness
  Members from Ken Takakuwa, Department of Human
  Services - Sept. 19, 2012
-FY2012 Grant Inventory Worksheet
-FY2012 Continuum of Care Final Registration Sept 25, 2012
-Letter to CoC Partners from Ken Takakuwa Sept. 27, 2012

October 2012

-FY2010 and FY2011 Checklist For CoC Oct. 16, 2012
-Letter to Partners from Ken Takakuwa October 17, 2012
-Continuum of Care Minutes for Oct. 30, 2012  

November 2012

CoC FY 2012 Applications

-Leverage Chart
-Budget Form

-Renewal Project Application Form
-Renewal Project SCORESHEET
-Renewal Project Application Form Revised 12/7/2012

-New Permanent Supportive Housing Project Application 
-New Permanent Supportive Housing Project
  Application SCORESHEET

-Revised Project Application for New Permanent Supportive
  Housing/Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Bonus/Re-
  Allocation/New Project
-Revised Project Application Rating Form for New Permanent
  Supportive Housing/Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)
  Bonus/Re-Allocation/New Project

-Application Instructions
-Project Application Instructions

-FY2012 CoC Planning Aplication


-CoC Work Session November 13, 2012 Agenda
-CoC Work Session November 19, 2012 Agenda
-CoC Work Session November 27, 2012 Agenda


-CoC Work Session November 13, 2012 Summary
-CoC Work Session November 19, 2012 Minutes
-CoC Work Session November 27, 2012 Minutes


-FY2012 Grant Application CoC -2012 Application
  released Nov. 9, 2012
-CoC 2012 Application Letter Nov. 9, 2012
-FY2012 CoC Program Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)
-Certification of Consistency request form 2012
-FY2011 CoC Homeless Assistance Award Report
-Corrected FY2012 Final Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW)
-CoC cover letter from Ken Takakuwa November 21, 2012
-FY2012 CoC Program NOFA WORD Tier 1 and 2
-CoC Definitions
-Update on FY2012 CoC Registration Process August 21, 2012
-CoC Program Interim Final Rule July 31, 2012
-CoC cover letter from Ken Takakuwa November 26, 2012
-CoC 2012 Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) - Permanent
 Supportive Housing)

-CoC 2012 Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) - Emergency Shelter
-CoC 2012 Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) - Transitional Housing
-CoC 2012 Renewal Agencies Programs
-FY2012 CoC Intent to Award CoC Match
-FY2012 CoC Competition Updates and CoC Program
 Interim Rule Guide and Fact Sheet

-CoC Letter from Ken November 30, 2012 to cancel
 December 4th meetting

-FY2012 CoC ARD, Tier 1, & Tier 2 Breakout November 4, 2012
-FY2012 CoC Competition Updates December 4, 2012
-HUD's Five National Objectives - Handout October 30, 2012
-HUD's Three National Objectives based on AKHMIS
  APR - Handout October 30, 2012

-Planning letter to CoC from Ken Takakuwa December 6, 2012
-CoC Planning Public Notice December 8, 2012
-Homeless Defination and Eligibility for Supportive Housing
  Programs and Emergency Solutions Grant

December 2012

-HIC Unmet Need 2012
-2012 Calculating Unmet Needs April 27 - Homeless
  Persons Family Units
-2012 Calculating Unmet Needs April 27 - Homeless Persons in
-2012 Calculating Unmet Needs April 27 - PIT Inventory
-2012 CoC Application Score Sheet Book
-2012 CoC Review Panelist List
-Review Panel ranking of the 2012 CoC applications
-FY2012 Review Panel Training slides
-FY2012 CoC Planning Application presentation slides


-RN-1 Abused Women's Aid in Crisis - Moving Forward Program
-RN-2 Covenant House - Rights of Passage 
-RN-3 ACMHS - Permanent Housing Program
-RN-4 ACMHS -Transitional SRO Housing Program 
-RN-5 RurAL CAP - Homeward Bound  Transitional Housing
-RN-7 MOA -Alaska Homeless Mgt. Info. System (AKHMIS)
-RN-8 Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association  -6-Plex Project 
-RN-9 AHI - Coming Home Program 
-RN-11 AHFC - Four A's - SPC
-RN-12 AHFC - AHI -Coming Home II 
-RN-13 AHFC -RurAl CAP - SPC 
-N-1 New Life Development -New Life Dev. Supportive Ser.
-RA-1 ACMHS - Pathways to Recovery
-B-1 AK Mental Health Consumer Web -Web Supportive Housing
-B-2 ACMHS - Pathways to Recovery
-P-1 MOA - CoC Planning 

Panel MEETING - December 19, 2012

-CoC Panel meeting Agenda
-CoC Panel meeting sign-in list 

January 2013

-Draft FY2012 CoC Application to Partners
-Revised GIW and Tier 1 and Tier 2
 -Letter from Ken Takakuwa January 17, 2013

FY2012 Final Project Applications

-Covenant House - Rights of Passage
-AWAIC - Moving Forward Project
-RurAL CAP - Homeward Bound
-Anchorage Housing Initiatives - Coming Home
-AHFC - ACMHS Supportive Permanent
-ACMHS - Transitional SRO Housing Program
-AHFC - RurAL CAP Shelter Plus Care
-AHFC - 4 A's Shelter Plus Care
-AHFC - AHI Coming Home II
-ACMHS - Permanent Housing Program
-4 A's - 6-Plex Project
-ACMHS - Pathways to Recovery (Re-Allocation)
-CoC Planning
-Alaska Mental Health Consumer Web - Web Supportive Housing

-New Life Development - New Life Development Supportive

February 2013

-Invitation for Panelist 2013
-COC Fact Sheet

March 2013

-FY2012 CoC Tier 1 Award Report
-FY2012 CoC Cover Letter for Tier I Awards March 18, 2013
-FY2012 CoC Renewal Awards Tier I March 2013
-CoC Program Interim Rule
-"Extending Grants Expiring Early in (CY) 2013 for Tier 2 Renewal
  Projects" Notice

-Criteria to Become a Unified Funding Agency


April 2013

Anchorage Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) 2013 Draft
One CPD Notice - CoC Program Updates
CoC letter from DHHS April 8, 2013

Final CoC Applications (Exhibits)
-2012 Exhibit I and Project Listing

-CoC Award 2003 Report

September 24, 2013

CoC letter to HUD -Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) transferring the Collaborative Applicant Primary Contact to The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACH)

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