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Public Health Initiatives & Partnerships

Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs)

 What is a CHDO?

  • Private non-profit, community based organization
  • Provides decent affordable housing in Anchorage area

Five Legal Status Requirements

  • Organized (incorporated) under state/local law
  • Organizational purpose: housing
  • No individual benefit (non-profit)
  • Clearly defined service area
  • Non-profit status

CHDO Organizational Structure

  • 1/3 board members from low-income non-profit service area
  • No more than 1/3 board representatives of public sector, including employees of Anchorage

Other Information

The regulations governing HUD's HOME Program require the Municipality to reserve 15% of its annual HOME entitlement for use with CHDOs. 

An open application exists for organizations wishing to apply for CHDO status.  Additionally the department will offer an application in the summer for CHDO operating funds. 


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