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Memorial Cemetery

Columbarium Wall

The Municipality of Anchorage is proud to announce that the new Columbarium Wall paralleling Ninth Avenue in the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery was dedicated on Memorial Day 2003.  The information below is presented to inform you about this wonderful addition to your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Columbarium Wall?

A. A Columbarium Wall is a structure that serves both as a retaining wall and a columbarium that contains niches, which hold a person’s cremated remains in an urn.

Q. Why did the Municipality build a Columbarium in the cemetery?

A. In 2007, over 65 percent of the deaths in Anchorage resulted in cremation.  Since families are increasingly turning to cremation as a way to care for their loved ones after death, the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery Advisory Board recommended the construction of a Columbarium as a place of safekeeping for urns.  The Anchorage Assembly and the community, by approving the sale of bonds, agreed that building a Columbarium would be an affordable alternative for the final resting place of our loved ones.  This new addition provides an attractive location where you can place your loved ones’ urns and return time and again to honor their lives.

Q. How long will the Columbarium Wall last?

A. The Columbarium Wall is built from materials expected to last for hundreds of years.  Though no one can say definitively, the expectation is that the Columbarium will be here for many years to come.  Additionally, we expect the Columbarium niches to be sold out in approximately 65 years.

Q. How large is the Columbarium?

A. There are 3861 niches in the nearly 600 foot long Columbarium Wall that will accommodate over 9000 urns of cremated remains.

 Q. Are there niches of different size?

A. There are three sizes of niches and they are designed to hold urns as follows:

(1) There is the Single  niche that will hold only one urn with a size equal to or less than 7 inches by 7 inches by 11 inches.  Single niches are located  on the north side of the Wall only.

(2) A Companion  niche that will hold up to three urns with a combined size of less than 11 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches.  Companion niches are located on the south side of the Wall.

(3) The Family niche that will hold up to eight urns with a combined size of less than 11 inches by 11 inches by 23 inches.  Thees niches are located on the south side of the Wall.

Q. What do the niches cost and what is included in the cost of the niches?

A. The cost of the niche is all-inclusive.  In other words, when you pay for the niche, you receive the use of the niche, the name plate, one opening and closing and perpetual care.   A bud vase is included with the Companion and Family niches. The cost is as follows:

(1.)    Single niche        $875.00

(2.)    Companion niche  $1750.00

(3.)    Family niche        $2916.00

Q. Do I own the niche and can I sell it whenever I want to?

A. You don’t actually acquire the niche as property, but rather the entitlement to the rights of inurnment within the niche.  You may not sell the niche. However, if you decide you don’t want the niche anymore, you may remove your urn(s), surrender the niche back to the Municipality and receive a refund of 75 percent of your original cost for the niche minus our costs for the bronze marker and perpetual care.

Q. What if I want to upgrade from a smaller to a larger niche?

A. If you decide to upgrade from a Single to a Companion or Family niche or from a Companion to a Family niche, you will receive 75 percent of the original cost of the smaller niche (minus our cost for the original marker) toward the purchase of the larger niche.

Q. Can I purchase a niche today?

A. You may purchase a niche from the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery Director during normal business hours in the cemetery office at 535 East 9th Avenue (343-6814).  Due to the interest generated by this new addition to our community, it's best to call for an appointment.

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    • Cemetery Director: Rob Jones
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