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Resources and Documents: Homelessness and Chronic Public Inebriates

Anchorage/Alaska Resources:

Overview of Homelessness in Anchorage, 2009

Pathways to Sobriety Project III Report.pdf

Anchorage's 10 Year Plan on Homelessness, 2008

CSP Data Analysis 2004-2009.pdf 

Anchorage Community Service Patrol Report 2008

Anchorage Community Service Patrol Report 2007

DHHS Overview of the Chronic Public Inebriate, 2008

McDowell Group Report, Economic Cost of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Alaska, 2005

DHHS Alcohol Philosophy Task Force Report, 1995

DHHS - A Tale of Two Cities - Anchorage, AK and Tampere, Finland, 1995

DHHS Final Report of the Anchorage Comprehensive Homeless Program Strategy Group, 1992

DHHS Public Inebriate Plan and Data & Recent Research, 1991

Task Force on Emergency Shelter and the Homelessness, 1990

Beyond 4th Avenue, Alternatives to Misery, 1981

Beyond 4th Avenue, Alternatives to Misery Nine Years Later, 1989

Violence on Anchorage's 4th Avenue from the Perspective of Street People, 1983

Kelso Report: A Descriptive Analysis of the Downtown Anchorage Skid Row Population, 1978

Link to Cold Weather Plan-Application Form-DHHS & AFD Policies-2010 

HLT Initial Recommendations Document-May 2010

HLT Initial Recommendations Document Portfolio-May 2010

Mayor's Response to HLT Recommendations-December 2010 

Dr. Chamard Homeless Encampments POP Document

NCH Hate Crimes Agains The Homeless 2009 Report

Anchorage Chronic Public Inebriates-The Cost

HLT Homeless Services Inventory 2010

What Other Communities are Doing:

1811 Eastlake: Seattle Washington's Housing First Project

Denver (CO) Housing First Collaborative Cost Benefit Analysis and Program Outcomes Report

Tacoma Housing First in the Encampment Report.pdf

Rhode Island Housing First Evaluation.pdf

Anishinabe Wakiagun Residents Use of ES-Minnesota.pdf

Furman Center Policy Brief on Supportive Housing Impacts.pdf

Furman Center Working Paper on the Impacts of Supportive Housing.pdf

Impacts of Supportive Housing in Fort Worth.pdf

Lewin Group-Costs of Serving Homeless Individuals in Nine Cities.pdf

Journal of the American Medical Association Articles (online subscription required)

  • Housing the Chronically Homeless: High Hopes, Complex Realities, Stefan G. Kertesz; Saul J. Weiner, September 4, 2009 Issue
  • Effect of Housing and Case Management Program on Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations Among Chronically Ill Homeless Adults: A Randomized Trial, Laura S. Sadowski; Romina A. Kee; Tyler J. VanderWeele; et al. September 4, 2009 Issue.