Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response


The Anchorage Health Department’s Operations Center is currently operating under condition NORMAL. There ​are no active public health emergencies. This message is current as of October 15, 2019 and will be updated as needed.

The Public Health Emergency Information telephone line is 907-343-4000.


The Anchorage Health Department's Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response section develops, coordinates and executes plans, policies and procedures, for public health disaster response in order to protect the health of the Anchorage population.

We are prepared to respond to natural, technological, or human caused disasters which create or threaten to create a public health emergency. Our three core public health response missions are:

Mass Care

The capability to provide immediate sheltering of people and pets, and assist with evacuation. 

Mass Casualty

Provide support and resources to local hospitals through the establishment of alternate care sites; augment patient movement capabilities by using our medical ambulance bus or providing patient movement resources (such as litters and infant transport pods); provide coordination support and assistance during fatality management.​


Mass Prophylaxis

May include large-scale antibiotic or vaccine dispensing in the rare event of an infectious disease emergency due to a bioterrorist attack or other large scale natural disease outbreak, or pandemic. 

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