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Public Health Emergency Preparedness

 Municipal Proclamation: Bike to Work Day 2015

Alaska Railroad shares "Rail Safety Tips for Bicyclists"

Bike to Work promotes the frequency and safety of utility cycling to improve air quality, traffic congestion and personal health. And Anchorage is beautiful by bike!


Texas 4,000 poster for download

The Bike to Work survey has been conducted annually to track the behavior and attitudes of riders - we appreciate your participation!

Link to Bike to Work Survey

Will there be a Bike to Work survey prize?

Yes! There will be passes to the Alyeska Bike Park to four successful survey partipants. The park has a variety of terrain, including road, single track and man-made features. Just don't let using lifts for those uphills spoil you!

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Do you want to be a better, safer cylist? Traffic Skills classes are offered in Anchorage to improve the fun and safety of cycling, and as a prerequisite to League of American Bicyclists Instructors classes (LCI). Contact Bike to Work at (907) 343-4715 or for referrals to Anchorage LCIs. Bike to Work and Anchorage LCIs are available for safe cycling classes, clinics or presentations .

To stay up to date with BTWD and other cycling news, please sign up for Bike to Work e-news on the Bike to Work Anchorage Facebook page (tab: Join my list) or using this link.

Bike to Work contact: (907) 343-4715

Join Bike to Work Anchorage on Facebook and post your team photos!
    • Public Health Emergency Preparedness
    • Division Manager: Steven Ashman
    • 825 L Street, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-6513

Thank you to the organizations and businesses that sponsored 30 treats stations on May 20, 2015!

None were lost on the Bike to Work Day commute to dehydration or hunger!       Link to the Bike Anchorage Treats Station map for 2015

Anchorage 2015 Bike Map! 

ThankS again to CRW Engineering, a League of american bicyclists 'Bicycle Friendly Business', for help with design of the bike maps!

Find the 2015 map here