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Provisional Child Care CENTER License

A child care center refers to a facility providing care for nine or more children. When applying for a Child Care Provisional Center License, the applicant should refer to the Introduction to the Provisional Child Care Licensing Process and any other additional information.  Please read and follow the instructions carefully to help guide you to a successful application submittal.  All forms are located below:

  1. Introduction to the Provisional Child Care Licensing Process
  2. CCL01 Application for Provisional Child Care License
  3. CCL02 Owner Permission to Operate a Child Care Business
  4. CCL03 Request for Nighttime Care Specialization
  5. CCL04 Request for Specialized Program Activity
  6. CCL05 Governing Body Information - C
  7. CCL06 Administrator Designation and Qualification Form
  8. CCL07 Child Care Facility Administrator Reference
  9. CCL08 Child Care Associate Designation and Qualification Form – C
  10. CCL09 Child Care Center – Child Care Associate Reference - C
  11. CCL10 Child Care Facility Parent Policies Checklist
  12. CCL11 Parents’ Guide to Licensed Care
  13. CCL12 Child Care Facility Personnel Policies Checklist
  14. CCL13 Child Care Facility Staffing Plan
  15. CCL14 Get Out Alive! … Evacuation Plan
  16. CCL15 First Aid and Disaster Kit Checklist
  17. CCL16 Plan for Shared Use of a Child Care Facility - C
  18. CCL18 Emergency Evacuation Drill Report
  19. CCL19 Plan for Care for a Child with Special Needs
  20. CCL22 Plant Safety Plan
  21. Opening a Child Care Center - C
  22. Child Care Licensing Fees
  23. Noncriminal Justice Applicant's Privacy Rights