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Food Businesses

All facilities providing food to the public in the Municipality of Anchorage must have a food establishment permit. This includes grocery stores, restaurants, warehouses, temporary food booths, mobile food vendors and food carts. Cottage food products must be licensed. Permits and inspections within the Municipality of Anchorage are handled by the Anchorage Food Safety and Sanitation Program (FSS).

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Food Code

The Anchorage Food Code was updated in December 2017. These proposals make the Anchorage Food Code more current with national standards and regulations within the food industry for preventing food borne illness. The revisions were developed with guidance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and State of Alaska Food Code.

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Food Worker Cards  

Food workers in Anchorage are required to have a food worker card. You can obtain a food worker card by passing the food worker online test (Click here). Cost: $10.

Employees in food establishments that do not handle food or clean dishes and utensils are not required to have a food worker card. These include individuals responsible only for greeting, seating, or transacting the exchange of money or credit with customers; grocery checkers or grocery baggers; delivery drivers; patients or residents in an institution; those who assists patients or residents in an institution with meals; volunteers; stockers; those responsible for receiving, stocking, shipping, delivering, or picking product in a warehouse; and those under the age of 18 assisting in a school kitchen with school meal service.

If you have questions about food worker cards, please feel free to call us at 343-4200.

Current Food Safety Regulations

Click here to download the current Anchorage Food Code.  The Anchorage Food Code establishes definitions; sets standards for management and personnel, food operations, and equipment and facilities; and provides for food establishment plan review, permit issuance, inspection, employee restriction, and permit suspension within the Municipality of Anchorage.

The Municipality is planning to update the Anchorage Food Code in 2017, based on community and stakeholder input.

Click here to download the Anchorage Food Code Booklet.  or Click here to download in Spanish.  This booklet is designed as a reference for anyone responsible for preparing, serving, or storing food for public consumption in the Municipality of Anchorage. 

Opening a New Food Establishment

If you are building a new food facility in Anchorage or remodeling an existing food facility in Anchorage, the first step is gathering information to be submitted for Plan Review.

After plans are approved, you must apply for a food establishment permit before opening to the public. Once an opening inspection is conducted, the facility may open to the public for service.

Change of Ownership

If you are buying an existing establishment in Anchorage without remodeling or changing the menu extensively, a plan review is not required. Simply complete a permit application. Be aware that food facility permits are not transferable. For a change of ownership, an application for a permit must be made no less than 7 days prior to the change of ownership accompanied by the appropriate fees.

Food Protection Manager Certification

Each facility with an F002 or F003 permit must have at least one person certified as a food protection manager.

Cottage Food Products

Cottage foods are non-potentially hazardous food products made in a home kitchen for direct sales to the consumer that do not require time/temperature control for safety (TCS). Cottage food products include baked goods, pickled or fermented vegetables, candies, dried herbs and seasonings, vinegars, trail mix, etc.  Within the Municipality of Anchorage, an annual cottage food permit via variance ($50) is required for Cottage Food operations. Please see the list of resources below:

Language Support

The Anchorage School District states that 107 different languages are spoken in the school district. We recognize that many different languages are spoken in food establishments as well, sometimes leading to communication difficulties for inspectors and establishment operators. In an effort to help us communicate better, we developed a booklet called "Let Your Fingers Do The Talking." This booklet translates common phrases that are used during inspections into the most common languages we see in food establishments: English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. Much more than a common translation book, this booklet allows for "live" translation during inspections. If you have suggestions for this booklet, feel free to discuss with your inspector or contact our customer service office at 907-343-4200.

Customer Service Survey

The Municipality of Anchorage Environmental Health Program seeks to have the services we provide meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. By taking this survey you will help us determine what we are doing well and where we can improve customer satisfaction while protecting public health and safety in our community.

 Food Safety and Sanitation Forms

Approved Water Sources.pdfApproved Water Sources
Temporary Food Service in Schools.pdfTemporary Food Service in Schools
Temporary and Seasonal Operators.pdfTemporary and Seasonal Operators
Public Information Request Form.pdfPublic Information Request Form
Temporary Permit Application Apr_2016.pdfTemporary Permit Application Apr_2016
Temp food application 70-033 Ver 12_13.typeable.pdfTemp food application 70-033 Ver 12_13.typeable
Plan Review Guidance .pdfPlan Review Guidance
Fee schedule.pdfFee schedule
FSS Plan Review Application.pdfFSS Plan Review Application
Pool_Spa Permit Application Form.pdfPool_Spa Permit Application Form
Pesticide Applicator Permit Application Form.pdfPesticide Applicator Permit Application Form
Cosmotological Establishment Permit Application Form.pdfCosmotological Establishment Permit Application Form
Noise Permit Application.pdfNoise Permit Application
Commissary Letter.pdfCommissary Letter
Application for Health Food Permit.pdfApplication for Health Food Permit
Temporary Food Service.pdfTemporary Food Service
Variance Request.pdfVariance Request
Sample Pesticide Application Notice.pdfSample Pesticide Application Notice
Serving Food in Alaska Booklet.pdfServing Food in Alaska Booklet
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