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Environmental Health Services

AMATS Air Quality Advisory Committee

Information from Previous Meetings

2016 Meetings

            September 13


            Member resumes

            Anchorage Air Toxics publication

            Air Quality Trends report

            Air Quality Code revision

2015 Meetings

             August 11


             Meeting materials:

             Draft AQ Conformity Determination

             Interim MTP

             August 4, 2014 draft minutes

             AAQAC By-laws 2.27.2014

2014 Meetings

             August 4

             Hearing notes

             March 7
             Presentation: AMATS overview
             Presentation: AQ Program Update
             Process to Implement AQ Regulations
             Revised By-Laws 

2013 Meetings

            May 20th
            Air Quality Program, Trends presentation            

 2012 Meetings

            December 4th
            LMP Update

            April 2nd
            Air Quality Conformity Determination
            AMATS Air Quality Update

2011 Meetings

2010 Meetings

2009 Meetings

2008 Meetings

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Alaska DEC Annual Air Quality Monitoring Network Plan 2016 - Public Comment Draft

Deadline for comments: Feb. 17, 2017 5:00pm to Barbara Trost at Alaska DEC, Air Monitoring and Assurance Program         (907) 269-6249