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Environmental Services

lycopodium sporangia 

Air Quality: Anchorage Pollen and Mold Reporting

Date this count was performed:
August 29th, 2014 


Tree pollen  absent
Weed pollen 9 grains/cubic meter air  low
Grass pollen       absent
Mold spores 12,280 spores/cubic meter air  moderate

Pollen and mold sampling and reporting is performed on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Counts are avaialble also by calling the Air Quality Hotline at (907) 343-4899. The Department of Health and Human Services has developed a pollen calendar based on data collected in Anchorage in previous years. The calendar provides a general idea of when particular types of pollen are released and most prevalent in Anchorage. Click here for the Anchorage Pollen and Mold Calendar. Click here for an explanation of how pollen and mold are sampled in Anchorage.

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