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Animal Care & Control

Educational Pamphlets

What You Should Know About Barking Dogs: please read this pamphlet before calling authorities. It will help you prepare all of the information you need to work toward resolving the problem. 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Title 17: provides a brief description of the impoundment process and Notices of Violations, and what to do if your animal is impounded or if you need to file an appeal (request a hearing) on an animal control enforcement matter. 

Responsible Pet Ownership and the Law:  discusses local laws regarding loose animals, control of your animal, removal of animal waste, licensing requirements, barking laws and also describes services offered by your Animal Care and Control Center. 

Dog Day Care: outlines important factors to consider when researching and selecting a dog daycare facility for your pet.

Helpful Forms

Dog License Application: All dogs within the Municipality must be licensed.  Licenses can be purchased for one, two or three years. 

Special Purpose License: Breeders, mushers, kennel operators, and certain other animal-related businesses require a Special Purpose License. 

Request for Action: This form may be used to fax a non-urgent complaint to Animal Control regarding possible violations of Title 17. 

Request for Information: Use this form to request a copy of relevant case information when you are planning to appeal a Notice of Violation (citation). 

Request for Hearing: Use this form to initiate an appeal of a Notice of Violation or other Animal Control decision. 

Witness Statement: This form should be used to give a complete description of pertinent information when filing a formal complaint about events that may warrant enforcement action. 

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