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2013 Poster Dog Contest! 

Published: 9/7/2012 

Does Your Pooch Have What It Takes to be a Poster Dog?

Enter your dog to the be next Anchorage Animal Care and Control Poster Dog

 2012 Winner:  Darwin

                                                          2012 Winner:  Darwin 

Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center (AACCC) is announcing its annual Poster Dog Contest.  The winning dog(s) will be the next AACCC poster dog(s) for the dog licensing campaign in 2013.  This contest is open to any licensed dogs, and their people, currently living in the Municipality of Anchorage.  The winning dog’s family will receive a free photo session for their dog with local pet photographer David Jensen at Alaska Pet-ography! 

Anyone interested in participating must email a photo of their dog to and include their name, address, and telephone number, the dog’s name, age, breed, and a short story about why their dog should be chosen as Poster Dog (500 words or less).  Entries with missing information will not be considered.

Any pictures submitted must be non-copyrighted, non-published work.  Only pictures of dogs may be submitted.  There is no limit to the number of dogs in each picture.  A minimum of one photo and a maximum of four photos may be submitted per dog. 

All pictures must be received by Friday, September 28, 2012, to be considered.  For full contest rules and more information, please contact Brooke at 343-8138 or  For more information on dog licensing, go to our licensing page.

Download the contest flyer with full rules here!

A municipal license is required for all dogs over the age of four months in the Municipality of Anchorage. Unfortunately, only an estimated 20% of dogs are licensed in the municipality.

In 2011, only 35% of stray animals brought to AACCC were claimed by their owners.  Many of the thousands of stray or lost pets that come to AACCC clearly come from homes where they are cared for, trained, and loved.  Sadly, most arrive because they have no identification and no way to return them to their owner.  Identification and licensing go hand in hand with the protection of our pets. A municipal license ensures that pets are returned to their owners if they are lost and will receive medical care if it’s found injured. It also allows AACCC to keep the animal safely with us for a longer period of time before putting that pet up for adoption.