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Forget the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Meet the Real Housepets of Alaska! 

Published: 4/19/2012 

Animal Care and Control Launches New Public Service Announcements

Animal Care and Control Center (AACCC) has launched two public service announcements in partnership with Friends of Pets, David Jensen Photography, and local film company, SprocketHeads. 

In “Get Real”, we meet the Real Housepets of Alaska.  These fab critters have their doctors on speed dial and encourage others to get some “work done”.  A little nip, a little tuck and no more loose kittens or puppies!  That’s right, all pets need to be spayed or neutered! 

In “ACATemy Awards”, we listen in as Sassy accepts her Lifetime Achievement Award.  Only 10% of “stray” cats brought into AACCC are claimed by their owners.  In thanking her family for helping her get through the last 15 years, Sassy reminds cat owners to get ID and look right away when cats go missing.

Both public service announcements have been provided to local television and radio stations for immediate release.  Check them out on the AACCC website,, under "Related Links"!