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Property Taxes

Key Excerpts from Alaska Statute and Anchorage Municipal Code


Chapter 45. Municipal Taxation.

Sec.29.45.010. Property tax.
(a) A unified municipality may levy a property tax.

Sec.29.45.020. Taxpayer notice.
(a) If a municipality levies and collects property taxes, the governing body shall provide the following notice: "NOTICE TO TAXPAYER. Notice shall be provided by furnishing a copy of the notice with tax statements mailed for the fiscal year for which aid is received. [State Aid]

Sec.29.45.240. Establishment of levy and determination of rate.
(a) The power granted to a municipality to assess, levy, and collect a property tax shall be exercised by means of an ordinance. The rate of levy, the date of equalization, and the date when taxes become delinquent shall be fixed by resolution.

Sec.29.45.250. Rates of penalty and interest.
(a) A penalty not to exceed 20 percent of the tax due may be added to all delinquent taxes, and interest not to exceed 15 percent a year shall accrue upon all unpaid taxes, not including penalty from the due date until paid in full. (b) If a taxpayer is given the right to pay tax in two installments, penalty and interest on an unpaid installment accrues from the date the installment becomes due.

Sec.29.45.320. Real property tax collection.
(a) The municipality shall enforce delinquent real property tax liens by annual foreclosure.

Sec.29.45.500. Refund of taxes.
(b) If, in payment of taxes legally imposed, a remittance by a taxpayer through error or otherwise exceeds the amount due, and the municipality, on audit of the account in question, is satisfied that this is the case, the municipality shall refund the excess to the taxpayer with interest at eight percent from the date of payment. A Claim for refund filed one year after the due date of the tax is forever barred.


Chapter 12. Real Property Taxation

12.05.070 Responsibility of persons subject to taxation to keep current address on file.
It shall be the responsibility of every person who owns or controls real or personal property subject to tax by the municipality to file with the office of the assessor the address where he will receive notices, bills or other correspondence regarding taxation. No person shall be excused from paying taxes or penalties thereon for the reason that he did not receive a tax notice, bill or any other correspondence due to an improper mailing of an assessment notice, billings or other correspondence.

12.15.010 Property subject to taxation. 
A. All real property not exempt under the constitution or laws of the state or the ordinances of the municipality is subject to taxation.

12.15.020 Persons assessed. 
Real property is assessed to the owner of record as shown in the records of the district recorder.

12.15.060 Payment

A. Installments. 
Any taxpayer may pay the property tax for the year in two installments of equal amounts except when the property tax for the year amount to $10.00 or less.

  1. Any installment shall become delinquent on the first business day following the tax installment due date.
  2. Tax bills shall be mailed to owners of record, lessees or persons controlling real property at least 30 days prior to the date taxes owed become due.

B. Property subject to pending appeal.
If a proper appeal has been filed with the board of equalization, and if the assessor's administration review or the board has not decided the appeal on or before the due date established as the due date for the first or second installment under the provisions of subsection A of this section, payment shall nevertheless be made on the basis of the amount billed.

C. Delinquency.

  1. If an installment is not paid in full before the due date, the unpaid balance of that installment becomes delinquent and penalty, interest and costs accrue as follows:
      1. Penalty. A penalty of ten percent on the unpaid balance of a tax installment which was due shall be added to the delinquent tax.
      2. Accrual of interest. In addition to the penalty set out in subsection C.1.a of this section, interest shall be charged on the unpaid balance of delinquent taxes. No interest shall be applied until the first day of the month following the due date of the original tax bill. When interest is to be applied, it shall be calculated on a monthly basis. In addition, interest shall be collected for the period of time which is the portion of the month in which the tax bill was due and delinquent.
      3. Interest rate. The interest rate shall be determined each year to be a rate equivalent to the prime rate as of April 15, plus two percent points. If the prime rate is not published as of April 15 of any year, the interest rate shall be determined to be a rate equivalent to the prime rate as of the first business day following April 15 plus two percentage points. The interest rate, as determined pursuant to this subsection, shall be effective May 1 of each year and continue in force for one year…
      4. Costs. In addition to the penalties and interest provided for this subsection, costs associated with collection of current or delinquent taxes, interest or penalties shall be charged.
  2. Following each due date of taxes, seven calendar days shall elapse before any penalty is added to the tax. At the expiration of the seven-calendar-day grace period, the penalty will be added.

  3. All interest charged on tax payments shall be applied only on the principal, not on penalties or costs, and shall run from the date when the installment was due to the time it is paid.

D. Tax under $20.00.
No person shall be billed for payment of municipal property tax if that person's current annual property tax bill totals less than $20.00. E.  Application of payments. Any payment received shall be applied first to delinquent taxes in the order that the taxes became delinquent and in the following order for each delinquent tax:

  1. Costs
  2. Penalty
  3. Interest
  4. Principal tax

12.15.070 Enforcement of tax obligations. 
A. Lien. Taxes levied on real property are a prior and paramount lien on the property upon which the taxes are levied. The lien includes any penalty or interest which may accrue from the delinquency date…

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