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Delinquent Criminal/Civil Fines and Fees (DCF)

Since the DCF website was launched on September 1, 2003, the City has collected just over $25 million derived from various sources including Permanent Fund garnishments, wage garnishments, bank sweeps, on-line payments, and in-person or mailed payments, with our contracted 3rd party collection agencies having collected over $12.7 million of the grand total amount.

The DCF Receivable includes the following delinquent account types:

  • Code Enforcement
  • Cost of Imprisonment
  • Criminal Fines
  • Indigent Defense
  • Traffic Citations/Minor Offenses

Since 2007, we have expanded collection efforts to include the legal garnishment of wages and bank accounts against those individuals who fail to comply with court orders to pay their fines and fees.  Steps are currently under way to execute liens on the real property of those individuals who fail to comply with court orders to pay their fines and fees.


Since January 1, 2008, the new Scofflaw Ordinance allowing the seizure and impound of any vehicle driven by a person with more than $1,000 in delinquent fines or fees has removed over 85 vehicles from the streets during the first nine months of the program through the support and assistance of the Anchorage Police Department.

To view a list of persons in violation of the ordinance, please click Scofflaw violators list.

As we continue to explore all options to enhance public safety and legal compliance, we will also continue our major collection initiatives, including mailing a FINAL DEMAND notice to the last known mailing address of all the debtors who still owe money for DCF accounts.  If this does not generate payment(s) for the delinquent amount owed, the City will refer DCF accounts with a balance to an outside 3rd party collection agency, which may have a substantial negative effect on personal credit history.

In many cases, all of these options may be utilized before and/or after referral to the 3rd party collection agency. A number of these delinquent DCF cases have already been referred to outside collections and those referred are designated by the words “Collection Agency”.  If this is the case for your account, you MUST contact the collection agency directly for confirmation of the actual balance owed. 

To contact the collection agency, Municipal Services Bureau (MSB), please call (800) 616-0166.

PAID IN FULL accounts are removed from the website on a daily basis upon notification by the collection agency. 

The majority of these delinquent accounts relate to unpaid traffic citations and minor offenses.  Many of these accounts involve repeat offenders and many cases date back several years.  Nearly all DCF cases relate to court ordered fines or default judgments. 

Any future action taken by the City or the collection agency can be avoided by paying the full amount owed on all outstanding accounts immediately.

Payment options

  • Pay online
    Use a credit card directly through the Official Payment Corporation’s website jurisdiction code 1201).  A nominal convenience fee is charged by Official Payments Corporation, as the Municipality’s third party payment processor. 

  • Pay in-person
    City Hall’s 3rd floor public payment counter (632 West 6th Avenue, Suite 350).  Make sure to have your case number(s) with you when paying.

  • Pay by mail
    Send a check or money order payable to:

    MOA:  Treasury Division (ATTN: DCF)
    P.O. Box 196650
    Anchorage, AK  99519-6650

Important: In order to ensure that your payment is applied correctly please remember to reference the case number(s) associated with your payment.

Who owes

Search the database for any DCF case(s) related to a particular individual.

Web updates

Depending on volume levels, the City expects payments to be posted and accounts to be removed from the DCF receivable listing within 48 hours of a credit card payment being made.  Payment in-person or by mail will take longer to be reflected in the DCF website listing.

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