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Property Appraisal

Appeal Mobile Home Assessment

All mobile homes within the Municipality of Anchorage are assessed using a mass appraisal system. This means that all mobile homes of the same year and width are assessed at the same price per square foot. Taxpayers who file a Mobile Home Assessment Return or are shown on the Municipality of Anchorage tax roll to be the owner of the mobile home have the right to appeal the assessed value. A taxpayer’s appeal must be submitted within thirty days from the date on the Notice of Assessed Value that is sent each year. There is a fee associated with filing a formal appeal.

A formal appeal may be avoided if you contact the Personal Property Section prior to the end of the thirty day appeal period and an appraiser is able to inspect your mobile home and make adjustments to the assessed value prior to the appeal deadline.

If a formal appeal is required, you must complete a written Appeal Form, specifying the grounds for the appeal and pay a filing deposit.  If the appeal is resolved prior to the hearing, OR you have provided the data and access required by the assessor and you appear at the hearing, the filing deposit will be refunded. A physical inspection will be performed on the mobile home and any necessary adjustments for condition may be made at that time. You must also provide evidence supporting your appeal within 45 days from the date the assessment notice was mailed (30 days to file an appeal plus 15 days to provide supporting evidence).  The assessor may agree to extend this time limit under certain conditions.  Appeal filing deposit schedule:

Assessed Value Filing Deposit

  • $1-$99,999    $30
  • $100,000 - $499,999    $100
  • $500,000 - $1,999,999    $200
  • $2,000,000 or greater    $1,000
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