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Office of Management & Budget

General Government Operating Budgets

2007 Updated Operating Budget
Adopted by AO 2006-130(S) approved 10/31/2006

Introduction.pdfIntroduction335 KB
Overview.pdfOverview101 KB
Revenues.pdfRevenues249 KB
Assembly.pdfAssembly32 KB
Chief Fiscal Officer.pdfChief Fiscal Officer28 KB
Development Services.pdfDevelopment Services34 KB
Economic and Community Development.pdfEconomic and Community Development58 KB
Employee Relations.pdfEmployee Relations32 KB
Equal Opportunity.pdfEqual Opportunity30 KB
Equal Rights Commission.pdfEqual Rights Commission30 KB
Finance.pdfFinance34 KB
Fire.pdfFire49 KB
Health and Human Services.pdfHealth and Human Services80 KB
Heritage Land Bank.pdfHeritage Land Bank32 KB
Information Technology.pdfInformation Technology36 KB
Internal Audit.pdfInternal Audit30 KB
Maintenance and Operations.pdfMaintenance and Operations56 KB
Management and Budget.pdfManagement and Budget30 KB
Mayor.pdfMayor41 KB
Municipal Attorney.pdfMunicipal Attorney43 KB
Municipal Manager.pdfMunicipal Manager46 KB
Parks and Recreation.pdfParks and Recreation42 KB
Planning.pdfPlanning43 KB
Project Management and Engineering.pdfProject Management and Engineering50 KB
Police.pdfPolice64 KB
Purchasing.pdfPurchasing31 KB
Traffic.pdfTraffic53 KB
Appendices.pdfAppendices172 KB
Assm WS 04-13-0 1stQtrRev.pdfAssm WS 04-13-0 1stQtrRev208 KB
Public Transportation.pdfPublic Transportation50 KB
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