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Office of Management & Budget

2008 Capital Budgets

2008 Proposed Capital Improvement Budget/2008-2013 Capital Improvement Program

Introduction.pdfIntroduction87 KB
Overview.pdfOverview289 KB
Financial Summaries.pdfFinancial Summaries267 KB
Fire.pdfFire497 KB
Police.pdfPolice327 KB
Public Transportation.pdfPublic Transportation373 KB
Anchorage Parks and Recreation.pdfAnchorage Parks and Recreation414 KB
Project Management and Engineering.pdfProject Management and Engineering925 KB
Economic and Community Development.pdfEconomic and Community Development370 KB
Maintenance and Operations.pdfMaintenance and Operations371 KB
Information Technology.pdfInformation Technology412 KB
State Roadways.pdfState Roadways443 KB
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