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2020 Anchorage Community Council Survey

The annual Community Council Survey is an important tool in assessing proposed capital project needs in Anchorage. Once a community's highest priorities are identified they can be properly considered when developing the proposed CIP. The list is currently composed of the Approved 2019-2024 Capital Improvement Program. We’ve included for your convenience the 2014 through 2019 surveys completed by councils that participated.

The 2020 survey began March 1, 2019 and concluded May 31, 2019. All the results are listed below.

Please read the Mayor's Letter to Community Councils for the 2019 Community Council Survey.

2020 Survey Results

20 Community Councils have submitted surveys expressing their community priorities. These priorities and community comm​ents will be considered when creating the official MOA proposed CIP.

Community CouncilPrevious year​ results2020 survey results
Abbott Loop
Airport Heights
Bashernone submitted​
Bayshore/ Klatt
Bear Valley
Campbell Parknone submitted
Eagle Rivernone submitted
Eagle River Valley
Eklutna Valley
Glen Alpsnone submitted
Government Hill
Huffman/ OMalley
Midtownnone submitted
Mountain View
North Starnone submitted
Old Seward/ Oceanview
Portage Valleynone submitted
Rabbit Creek
Rogers Park
Russian Jack Parknone submitted
Sand Lake
Scenic Foothills
South Addition
South Fork
Taku / Campbell
Tudor Area
Turnagain Armnone submitted
University Area

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