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2009 Community Council Capital Project Ranking

Instructions for Community Councils - Capital  Projects Survey

STEP 1: Review and discuss the merits of the capital projects appearing on the attached list of capital projects for your community council.

STEP 2: Suggest changes using the ADDITIONS/DELETIONS form to nominate projects not appearing or to propose deletion of projects included in the list of projects. If projects are listed that you feel should not appear on your list, make a note on the form to that effect.

STEP 3: Develop an overall priority ranking for all capital projects of benefit to your Council, including projects you may have included on the ADDITION/DELETIONS form. Rank #1 should represent you Council’s highest priority capital project, #2, your second highest priority, and so on. Submit ONE consolidated survey response for your council that shows ONE ranking number for each project.

STEP 4: Mail, fax, email, or hand deliver your Council’s Survey response to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 632 W. 6th Ave., Room #860, Anchorage AK 99501, 349-7701 (FAX) by no later than June 16, 2008. Email:

Project Management and Engineering's Response to Capital Project Priories:

Questions? Contact Jim Lamson; 343-8120 

Abbot Loop Eagle River Valley Old Seward/Oceanview Turnagain
Bayshore/Klatt Fairview Rabbit Creek University Area
Bear Valley Northeast Rogers Park
Birchwood North Star Russian Jack  

2009 Community Council Capital Project Ranking

Most Recent Capital Projet Priority List Received from the Community Councils.

Abbot Loop Eagle River Valley North Star Spenard
Airport Heights Fairview Old Seward/Oceanview Turnagain
Bayshore/Klatt Girdwood Valley Rabbit Creek Turnagain Arm
Bear Valley Mountain View Rogers Park University Area
Birchwood Northeast Russian Jack

Capital Project Surveys by Community Council

Project list should be ranked by each community council in the order of relative importance of each project to the community council area.

Abbot Loop Eagle River Valley Mountain View South Addition
Airport Heights Eklutna Valley Northeast South Fork Eagle River
Basher Fairview North Star Spenard
Bayshore/Klatt Girdwood Valley Old Seward/Oceanview Taku/Campbell
Bear Valley Glen Alps Portage Valley Tudor Area
Birchwood Government Hill  Rabbit Creek Turnagain
Campbell Park Hillside East Rogers Park Turnagain Arm
Chugiak Huffman/O'Malley Russian Jack University Area
Downtown Mid-Hillside Sand Lake  
Eagle River Midtown Scenic Foothills  

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