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Solid Waste Services

Girdwood Transfer Station Disposal Fees$0 $0Unsecured loads are subject to a $10.00/$30.00 fine per AMC 26.80.50

The following is a summary of Solid Waste's Disposal Fees in accordance with Municipal Code 26.80

Please pay with Cash or Local Checks only. NO credit or debit cards accepted. Any vehicle with one to four 32 gallon garbage cans or one to four 32 gallon or less plastic bags. If more than 4 cans or bags or any other solid waste, see below. $1.00/can or bag.

Cars and all vehicles with 1 cubic yard or less $5.00/load. Standard unmodified pickups, passenger vans, trailers. Load or bed of vehicle cannot exceed 8 feet in length x 5.5 feet in width x 3 feet high and cannot be greater than 5.0 cubic yards. Standard unmodified pickups, passenger vans, trailers not meeting the above or in the event the user disagrees with the attendant’s estimate of the above, will be required to dispose of their solid waste at the anchorage disposal sites. $15.00/load

Used oil from residential users: (5 gallons or less) Free

Used oil - more than 5 gallons but less than 10 gallons $1.00/gal

Automobile batteries-limit of two per trip.

    1st  - Free

    2nd - $5.00

Recycling Surcharge for All Vehicles Weighing More than 1000 lbs. A $1.00 charged is assessed on all  vehicles utilizing either facility regardless of weight or size. $1.00/minimum

The following waste is not accepted at the Girdwood transfer station: Refrigerators, washers, dryers and other cfc containing products, large animals, asbestos demolition & land clearing debris, asphalt, liquids, grease, cooking oils, medical waste, and empty drums over 30 gal. 

    • Solid Waste Services
    • General Manager: Mark Spafford
    • 1111 E 56th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99518
    • 907 343-6262