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Solid Waste Services


Recycling is even easier now with curbside collection. 
All of your recyclables can go into one roll cart.

What can you put in your recycling cart?

YES – Put these items in your recycling cart

NO – Put these items in your trash cart
(or recycle elsewhere if indicated)*

Corrugated cardboard Glass bottles & jars*
White and colored paper Plastic bags & other plastic films*
Glossy paper Plastic tubs, trays
Envelopes – windows okay Any #3 – #7 plastics
Cereal & cracker boxes – no lining Plastic lids 
Magazines & catalogs Styrofoam (peanuts* or molded)
Newspapers Milk cartons
Phone books Aseptic packages (e.g., juice boxes)
Junk mail & brochures Waxed cardboard

Wrapping paper (no foil wrapping)

Soft-cover books Hard-cover books
Aluminum cans Batteries*
Steel cans – often called “tin cans” Scrap metal besides food & beverage cans*

Plastic soda & water bottles with screw caps
(#1 PET plastic) – must have a screw top and neck  
-- plastic caps okays (put back on bottle)

-- #1 plastic clamshells

All paper cups, plates, napkins, towels, take-out boxes and greasy pizza boxes
Plastic milk & detergent jugs with screw caps
(#2 HDPE plastic) – must have a screw top and neck
-- plastic caps okay (put back on jug)
Yard waste*

* These items can be recycled elsewhere in Anchorage. 
Visit How Do I recycle...? for information.

Recycle It Right!!

  • Do not bag recyclables.
  • All recyclable containers should be rinsed and free of food before they are put in the cart.
  • Cardboard should be broken down and flattened so that it fits easily and does not get wedged in the cart.




  • All items should fit in your cart so that the lid can be completely closed.
  • You can save space in your cart by flattening aluminum, cans, steel cans, and plastic bottles.

What if my recyclables are contaminated with unacceptable materials?

SWS may inspect the contents of any recycling carts. Carts containing non-recyclable materials will be tagged with a notification that unacceptable materials were found.  The contents of the recycling cart will be collected as waste and you will be billed according to excess waste rates.

When in Doubt, Throw it Out!

If you are not sure if an item is recyclable, contact your SWS recycling coordinators to find out.  Until you know for sure, put the item in your trash cart to avoid contaminating the recyclables.