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Solid Waste Services

Solid Waste Services 

Customer Service

Customer Service is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The customer service offices are located on the first floor o the SWS Administrative Building, located at: 1111 E. 56th Avenue (between the Old and New Seward Hwy on E. 56th Avenue)

Phone Number: (907) 343-6250
Fax Number: (907) 561-1357
Email us:                                   

It is our goal to provide you excellent customer service while we are processing your request for service or while helping you with your service related problem. If you find that you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, please contact our Customer Service manager, Birgitta Kyttle at 343-6251.  

New Account Applications and Forms 

Refuse Collection for Residential and Commercial Customers 

Municipal Refuse Collection Utility service is limited to the "City Service Area."  See SWS Area Map to check if you are located in our area of collection.

Please note that in accordance with Municipal Code 26.70.030, refuse collection service is mandatory in the City Service Area.

Establishing service with us could not be easier.  Simply telephone us, fill out an application for service or stop by our office.  With our forms available on-line download and printing, you can establish service for your home or business.

Because rates can vary according to the type of service you request, please refer to the rate schedule.

Please notify our office of any changes you would like to have made in your service and/or billing information. This includes: increase or decrease of service, name changes due to divorce or marriage, business name changes and/or modifications, bankruptcy, or any other changes you would like to make us aware of that might directly affect your service.

Landfill Permit Cards

"Permit Cards" are available, upon approved credit, for those customers within the Municipal boundaries who are frequent users of the Solid Waste Disposal Facilities and want to charge their disposal transactions.  The Landfill Permit card acts like a charge card and should be protected in the same manner.

Applications for the Landfill Permit card are available on the  Applications and Forms page.  Applications must be mailed or dropped off at Solid Waste Services' Customer Service office because an original signature is required.

Auto-Pay by Electronic Fund Transfer

SWS currently has the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) option of payment. This payment method allows automatic deductions from your checking or savings account.  Sign up for EFT service.

Payment By Credit Card

Payment can be made by credit card through Official Payment Corp (OPC). You must have your account number in order to pay. Your account number will be 10 digits and will start with either a 10 or 20.  You may pay online by clicking on the OPC logo below. (Your browser must support 128bit encryption in order to establish a secure link with OPC).

You may only pay your Solid Waste Service bill with this service.

Click here to go to OPC website

There also is a pay-by-phone option available by calling OPC at 1-800-272-9829 (select menu option #3 and use jurisdiction code # 1207). 

A convenience fee is charged per transaction by OPC for both the online and pay-by-phone options in the following fee schedule:

Residential services                               $3.45 for credit, $1.00 for debit

Commercial can/bag service                $7.95 for credit, $2.95 for debit

Commercial dumpster service            $10.95 for credit, $4.95 for debit

Landfill Disposal Accounts:                

Light users                                        $3.45 for credit, $1.00 for debit        

Heavy users                                    $10.95 for credit, $4.95 for debit

SWS is not responsible for disputes between OPC and the customer.