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 Recent Mount Redoubt activity reminds Anchorage residents to be prepared 

 Anchorage Office of Emergency Management recommends citizens have volcanic ash-specific emergency supplies and family preparedness plans. 

1/27/2009 | Contact: Genevieve Maurits 343-1401
Emergency Management

Mount Redoubt, located in the mouth of the Cook Inlet on the western side, has been experiencing “tremors” for the past three days and the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) is on alert level “WATCH” for a possible eruption. According to the AVO the volcano activity “has declined somewhat” since yesterday afternoon, but “the current activity at Redoubt could be a [sign] to an eruption, perhaps within days.” City officials, the AVO and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are monitoring the situation around the clock.

The Office of Emergency Management would like to take this opportunity to remind citizens to be prepared for all hazards that Anchorage faces, including volcanic ash fall. At this time there has not been an eruption. If Anchorage is affected by an eruption the following basic health and safety measures should be followed

  1. Remain indoors during heavy ash fall periods;
  2. Wear an N95 face mask when outdoors to reduce inhalation of ash particles. These dust masks can be purchased at most hardware stores;
  3. As an alternative to a face mask, a wet cloth or bandana placed over the mouth and nose can help reduce exposure;
  4. Contact lens wearers are advised to switch to eye glasses to reduce eye irritation from ash exposure;
  5. Wear goggles for eye protection;
  6. Wear long-sleeved shirts and gloves to protect skin; avoid bare skin contact with ash as much as possible. 

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