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Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness for Kids

"It is extremely important to teach your children what to do in an emergency in case you are not there to help them -- make sure they know where your family meeting place is, who your out-of-town family contact is, and practice evacuation drills regularly at home. Have them help you put together your Family Disaster Supply Kit. And, depending on their age, children can also learn basic life supporting first aid." (Citizen Corps, Safety for Kids)

Help kids start a life long appreciation and awareness about the importance of disaster preparedness.

This website was sent to us by the kids in Mrs. Karen Sullivan's class at Pathways to Empowerment. They did lots of research on natural disasters and emergency preparedness and recommended we add this to our links.Thanks guys!

Websites for Families:

    • Emergency Management
    • Director: Kevin Spillers
    • 1305 E Street, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-1401