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Plans & Policies

Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan

Plan Intent

This plan is designed to provide general information about how the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) will conduct and respond during times of disaster. All actions items, roles and responsibilities, agency operations and functions are assumed to be performed in the best manner possible given the harsh and austere operational conditions in Alaska. Agencies, organizations, and departments are assumed to perform in good faith within their constrained and limited operational capabilities.  

Plan Descriptions

Anchorage Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP) This plan outlines actions to be taken by the MOA, in cooperation with other State and Federal agencies and private organizations to respond to disasters. The plan consists of four parts and various supporting appendices/annexes. It is a single comprehensive plan that encompasses all hazards for the purposes of organizing and coordinating disaster emergency relief forces and disaster emergency operations in the MOA.  

Part 1: Base Plan
The Base plan consists of general operational, legal and administrative components within the MOA.  
Part 2: Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
The CONOPS describes the overall operational concepts, structures and command and control processes within the MOA used to manage disaster or crisis events.
Part 3: Functional Annexes
The Functional Annex is designed to outline and highlight key functional area operations such as mass care, medical response or energy emergencies. The annex provides general oversight and guidance to perform the specific function.
Part 4: Hazard Appendices
The Hazard Appendices outline the primary hazards that the MOA faces such as earthquakes, volcanos and storms. It provides specific hazard information that is useful to understand when responding to a particular event. The Hazard Appendices also provide information on what functional annexes may be especially critical in the response.

Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP)


All emergency management plans developed within the Municipality are consistent with state and federal requirements.

State of Alaska 2011 Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The State of Alaska 2011 Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
establishes a system for coordinating the operational phases of emergency management in Alaska. This plan specifies how the State will organize in response to disaster emergencies, and is designed to:

 Ensure a coordinated effort by local and tribal governments, State, Federal, volunteer, and private agencies in the management of emergencies or disasters, to save lives, and protect property and the environment

 Describe conditions that affect disaster response operations

 Describe hazards that threaten the people, property, and resources

 Describe terrorist threats

 Assign emergency management tasks to local, tribal, State, Federal, volunteer, and private agencies as appropriate for response to terrorist events, natural or manmade disasters

 Identify the supporting plans and procedures in Alaska’s overall multi-agency disaster management system

State of Alaska Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)  

Municipality of Anchorage Emergency Alert System Plan

The Anchorage Area EAS Plan outlines methods used to disseminate emergency information and warning to the general public within the Anchorage EAS Local Area at the request of local, State, and Federal officials. Local EAS activation may occur in response to common emergency situations such as power outages, floods, civil disorders, earthquakes, heavy snows toxic chemical leaks, or any occurrence or imminent threat which poses a danger to life or property.

Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (link to LEPC page) serves as an advisory committee to a political subdivision within the emergency planning district with respect to emergency planning, training and response. The committee meets three times per year; and as per AS 26.23.073(g) is required to periodically review the Anchorage Emergency Operations Plan.